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Xbox One Action Platform UNIT 4 gets a new Gameplay Trailer

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Xbox One Action Platform UNIT 4 gets a new Gameplay Trailer

Do you enjoy puzzling platformers with great mechanics? If so you should get ready for Unit 4, a dynamic upcoming game for 1-4 players from Gamera Interactive.

Unit 4 takes place in a galaxy under attack from evil alien forces. The objective is to lead an elite unit of four agents – Blue, Red, Green and Yellow – to reclaim sacred artefacts stolen by the aliens and save ancient worlds from destruction.

The player will have the chance to unlock challenging minigames too, following the orders of The Boss, the true leader of the Unit and the mastermind behind the military activities of The Space Alliance. The Boss interacts with Blue and the others through a first class technology: The Codec! The Codec gives access to the galaxy map and it is the key to find out enemies and face them to get the stolen sacred artifacts back. Levels are filled with strange creatures, dangerous and ruthless enemies, deadly traps and both movement based and logic based puzzles.

Check out the Trailer:

“The game can be played both in single and cooperative multiplayer up to 4 players. In Single Player Mode, the player can swap the main character with the others instantly, combining each ability and creating a highly dynamic movement system and unique, deep gameplay. Cooperation is the key in Cooperative Mode since characters can’t access all the areas in a level or do all of the actions that the others can do. The players will need to help each other by figuring out how to combine their abilities first and by correctly performing more and more complex maneuvers then. The game does not feature any health system, so all damages from enemies or traps will cause death!”

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