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Badass Hero
Badass Hero

New Chapter in Badass Hero is Available Now

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New Chapter in Badass Hero is Available Now

The brand new chapter in Badass Hero by Awesome Games Studio is available from today, January 25th on Steam Early Access! For the occasion the developers have prepared a brand new trailer showcasing the next Badass adventure!

Check out the update trailer of Badass Hero, featuring some gameplay footage:

“Badass Hero by Awesome Games Studio has been available in Early Access on Steam for a while and it’s managed to gather a group of brave warriors devoted to the cause. Now, the follow up to the Badass adventure is about to begin. While polishing the first two comic books – “Quetzalcoatl’s Awakening” and “Operation Crimson Dusk”, the developers have cooked up the latest update, containing brand new content – the first part of a third feature-packed comic book – “The Last Stand of Earth”. It’s waiting for all the Badass Heroes on Steam from today, January 25th.

This update comes packed with features that will put every true Badass Hero to the test – the first part of “The Last Stand of Earth” contains:

  • Eleven brand new enemies to defeat,
  • Three minibosses,
  • One superboss,
  • An intro and outro to the comic book.

Keep in mind that this is just the introductory update of the third comic book! Additional content will follow, including new level patterns, enemies, minibosses and superbosses!

This update also introduces five new melee weapons and one small but significant change – from now on every Badass Hero has hold of a melee weapon they can use at any given moment.


Badass Hero is a rogue-lite action-platformer, set in a comic book universe. Experience fast-paced hit-and-run gameplay. And never do the same thing twice, thanks to procedurally generated levels and random items. All in highly refined, modern, hi-res 2D art.

Somehow chaos has entered the comic book multiverse and your whole world has gone nuts. That’s how your story starts: You’re from a long-gone era, and were once a great hero, but now things have gone bad – your powers have been lost! Your quest is simple, yet deadly – you need to write your story anew and relive your greatest accomplishments. Order will be restored when and only when you prove you are the true Badass Hero.

Your guns are your best friends, and ink is the new gold – collect it from defeated enemies to upgrade your hero. The more dynamic and forceful your play style, the greater the rewards! There’s a cost though – stay focused at all times, or you’ll die sooner than you think.”

For more information on Badass Hero, visit its Steam page.

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