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Games in Game Pass
Games in Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass – New Additions In October

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Some consider Xbox’s Game Pass program to be the best bang for your buck gaming subscription service. Every month Microsoft adds games for members to try out and play for an affordable price. Microsoft takes the extra step these days with the service adding first-party titles for users to try. In fact last month Microsoft added their stellar first-party title Gears of War 5 and gives subscribers a discount on the title. In the month of October, in fact on Friday, Microsoft will be adding brand new titles to the service.

The standout title of the week, of course, is The Outer Worlds, Obsidian’s magnum opus is finally here and ready for us to play. We actually put up an article yesterday covering what you need to know before the game’s release on Friday. Before that though, Lonely Mountains: Downhill and Secret Neighbor (the sequel to Hello Neighbor) are out as you’re reading this article right now. The next day the indie darling Minit comes out for Xbox One on Game Pass as well. Friday of course, we get The Outer Worlds, next week we’ll get Afterparty where you and a pal are cursed with the task of escaping the underworld. Lastly in October on Halloween if you’re like me and have no plans, you’ll be able to play Lego Star Wars III. Microsoft isn’t done though as you’ll be able to download Subnautica to your console on November 7th.

This is a generous amount of content for the next two weeks and as someone on PlayStation 4 who really wants to try The Outer Worlds, I’m bummed Sony doesn’t even consider putting Day One releases on their streaming platforms. What are you think of picking up over the next few weeks? Do you have Xbox Game Pass? What do you think of it? Let us know and make sure you follow Gaming Instincts on Twitter and Facebook.

Source: Destructoid

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