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The Outer Worlds
The Outer Worlds

5 Reasons to be Excited for The Outer Worlds

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The Outer Worlds is the upcoming game made by the minds of the original Fallout series and everyone has their eyes on it. It’s a game about choices and causing some havo while doing so. Well does this mean that that’s all you’re going to do? Well of course there’s more, so we’ll tell you the 5 main reasons for you to be excited about the Outer Worlds.

5. Be a Hero or a Villain

The main story is about you. Waking up after decades being in stasis  in a lost colonist ship bound for for the farthest reaches of the galaxy, you find out that that there’s a big conspiracy that’s aimed at destroying the Halcyon colony and it’s up to you to figure out exactly what’s going on and how you’re going to tackle this situation. That’s right, I didn’t say that you were going to exactly save Halcyon or destroy it either. That choice is all up to you. The Outer Worlds is aimed to be a more open-ended RPG where the player is able to handle many of the quests they’re given in any way they want and that’s not limited to the player being a complete psychopath or not.

Maybe you just don’t like a group of people in a room, well you are completely allowed to massacre them and play out the consequences, include looting all of their swag and finding out what quest the characters you killed had to give you. Whether you take that option or you talk to everybody like a normal human being, the Outer Worlds won’t hold you back. The game is all about you and Obsidian definitely lets the game allow you to do whatever you want, so go nuts and be you.

4. Companions will Remember Choices

Well while nothing is holding you back from your choices, the companions you bring with you will have their own opinions of your decisions. In Obsidian’s previous works, such as Fallout: New Vegas, companions seemed to be one of the game’s main focuses. They would have their own extended loyalty quests that would generally open up throughout your playthrough and the character development that your companions had and how you reacted to them all were part of the RPG experience.

Well it seems Obsidian took notes from their previous games as they have made companions both a great help during combat and a great influencer on story-based choices. When up to two companions are with you, you’re able to command them to use their ability at any time as long as it’s not on cooldown. The abilities will vary from companion to companion as some will straight up be more effective at combat than others, but that’s why you can mix and match who you bring with you. Well who you bring with you will also affect your decisions on some missions.

Well let’s say that a companion doesn’t like the fact that you’re helping the people who are trying to blow up the colony, well you’d either have a good reason for doing so in front of their face, or the companion will like you a bit less. Think of it like the affinity system of Fallout 4, except these guys will be more vocal about your actions. If you like a companion that has good perks, but are doing things that they don’t like, say murder a store owner and rob his store, they might consider leaving. So if you value your friends, make sure that they’re happy being with you.

3. Perks and Flaws

Next up are the different perks and flaws that you can use to build your character in any way that you desire, though do you think that everybody is perfect? Well the Outer Worlds doesn’t think so, and that’s what makes the Flaw mechanic so interesting. Flaws are something that can happen to the player once they encounter a certain type of enemy many times. Afterwards they can choose whether or not they want to take a flaw, such as having Robophobia where you get a slight debuff from fighting the enemies in general, for the trade-off of one whole perk point immediately afterwards just so you can balance yourself out.

Additionally you get perks for every 20 points you put into one of your many skills. There are three tiers of perks. After unlocking five Tier 1 perks, you unlock Tier 2 perks. The third tier of perks are available after getting 10 more perks in the previous tiers. For reference for how ridiculous these skills are, there is Harvester which restores 15% more health with every kill, Run and Gun which reduces 65% movement penalty to accuracy, Collector that identifies interactive objects within 5 meters, and Traveler, where you can fast travel while over encumbered. If these abilities you can gain sound exciting, you can definitely look forward to utilizing them when the game releases.

2. Different Endings

Well not only can you just merely be good or evil, there are multiple different endings depending on how you handle the events in the game. I bet you that there are more subtle ways of saving the colony rather than just running around and shooting everything on sight. Even more is that there are probably more ways to destroy the Colony than what you discover initially. 

The ending of the game will take all of the choices you make during the game into account with all of the variables are set up for the end. Maybe you’ll save everyone in the galaxy except for the one town you left hanging. Maybe you destroy the colony and leave your favorite stores alone in order to create a new corporate empire. Well hopefully, you can probably do better than simply killing every NPC in sight to accomplish this. Or not.

1. Made by Obsidian Entertainment

Finally, Obsidian Entertainment is working on the game. That’s right, the original creators of the Fallout series are releasing their first game since the release of Fallout: New Vegas. I suppose that fans of the original games are at the very least disappointed by how different Fallout 4 is from its predecessors. The game was pretty linear story-wise and most of the choices didn’t matter too much in the long run. Additionally, the companion system seemed to be a bit lacking compared to what we’ve seen from the series in the past. 

Well if you want a more personal experience in exploring this new world, then you should be happy to know that Obsidian is able to put everything that they’ve learned from RPG’s in the past and put it into the Outer Worlds. How else would you be able to do whatever you want any way you want without disrupting the whole flow of the story? Well we can all rest now knowing that our favorite RPG developers are still working to this day.

Well what do you think? Are you excited for other features that aren’t on this list? Also what else are you excited to see from the Outer Worlds? Let us know in the comments.

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