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Overwatch 2 Logo
Overwatch 2 Logo

Overwatch 2 Leaked to ESPN: PvE, New Map, New Mode (UPDATE)

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A BlizzCon training document leaked and obtained by ESPN includes information about Overwatch 2, including the logo and PvE details, as well as a new map and game mode for the original Overwatch.

Most Overwatch fans know that rumors and leaks have proliferated over the past few months regarding the development of Overwatch 2. This weekend, ESPN obtained a document that confirms Blizzard will officially unveil the sequel to Overwatch at BlizzCon, detailing a new logo, game modes, maps, and PvE content.

According to the ESPN article, the leaked documents show hero talents and in-game items for Overwatch 2, as well as a 4-player story mission set in Rio de Janeiro. Gamers also got their first look at the new title’s logo thanks to the leak, in an image featuring support hero Lúcio next to the Overwatch symbol with a small 2 inset in the upper right.

While Overwatch 2 is sure to be the biggest announcement regarding the franchise, the leaked documents also reveal what is in store for the original iteration of Overwatch at Blizzcon. Fans can look forward to the game’s first new play mode since release, called “Push,” and based on a new game map set in Toronto, Canada.

As if a new play mode and new map were not enough, it is also speculated that long-anticipated support hero Echo will get her official reveal. First teased in the story video for Ashe’s hero release and at BlizzCon last year, Echo has remained a fan favorite ever since, with players clamoring on Reddit and the official Overwatch forums for more information. Overwatch’s hero roster contains far fewer choices for gamers who prefer to heal or tank as opposed to dealing damage, and the hybrid omnic/human appearance of Echo appeals to many who enjoy the game’s aesthetic.

Gaming Instincts will be covering BlizzCon live as events unfold, so fans of Overwatch and all things Blizzard should follow our Facebook and Twitter feeds for updates throughout the entirety of BlizzCon weekend. BlizzCon runs from November 1-3, 2019.

UPDATE: A tweet from Metro further clarifies this and his earlier leak, stating: “Overwatch 2 is a new game, and when I say new game I mean new PvE and PvP content with a new engine. The current engine in Overwatch 1 does not support upscale PvE battles. However I do not think Blizzard wants to split the community with having 2 different games.” He then goes on to say: “With ESPN confirming what I said today and adding a few more bits of information, I think the second scenario is very likely. Slasher already corrected himself with Echo for Overwatch not being at Blizzcon. A move of everyone over to OW 2 is more likely. This means, a complete engine and content update and the rebranding of the game to Overwatch 2.” He then concludes with: “This is partially speculation but the info I gave out over the last few days is true.”

Readers can check out Metro’s tweet here.

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