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A view of London in Watch Dogs Legion
A view of London in Watch Dogs Legion

Watch Dogs Legion Attempts to Show How the World Would Be in the Future

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Currently, Watch Dogs Legion is known as Ubisoft’s next big hit if Rainbow Six Quarantine doesn’t overtake it. The game was announced at this year’s E3 with a revolutionary milestone to hit. It’s going to be the first title in the whole industry, in which you are able to control and play as all available NPCs. To be honest, it’s really a huge goal, especially for an open-world game. Aside from reaching the goal itself, the team has to fit the other parts, including story, into a gameplay where you’re simply everyone. However, Legion’s creative director says they have an insightful vision when it comes to setting and story.

According to a recent interview, Clint Hocking, creative director behind Watch Dogs Legion, talked about the studio’s vision on creating and modeling the game’s futuristic London. Hocking believes some features and events within Legion might be happening in the near future, while some of them might be far away from us. However, he thinks all these settings have been crafted through an insightful perspective on the current situation of the world and the way things go on. He says:

We are not specific about the exact year in which the game is set, rather allowing the player to interpret the timing for themselves.. In creating speculative fiction we look at many different social, political and technological trends and extrapolate them all forward into a fictional future where they all converge in an extreme state.

As such, some of the things we’re depicting – such as the ubiquity of drones in the world, or the presence of autonomous vehicles – might feel more near future. Conversely, some other things we’re depicting – such as the sophistication of AI – might feel decades away. The purpose was not to make predictions about some future year, but to create a world that is able to bring insightful perspective and commentary on a range of trends we see emerging in the world today.

Previously, the developer has been informed us on how they are able to bring us the control of all NPCs within the game. Also, we received 12 minutes of gameplay footage, along with some explanation on the game’s interesting features.

After Cyberpunk 2077, Watch Dogs Legion is my most anticipated game for the next year and it’s really great that I can get it before getting into CDPR’s Night City. Legion will be available on March 6 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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