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Watch Dogs Legion
Watch Dogs Legion

Watch Dogs Legion Gets 12 Minutes of Brand New Gameplay Footage

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As Ubisoft had promised before E3 2019, Watch Dogs Legion officially revealed by the French developer during the event and it all started with an incredibly exciting gameplay footage that revealed the game’s most ambitious aim which is controlling every NPC as if it’s your main character in the game.

After such a brilliant premiere at the announcement, Watch Dogs Legion has got another gameplay trailer that shows you more of the city, NPC characters and what can you do in this open-world title. Set in a post-Brexit London, Watch Dogs Legion features a futuristic city under heavy control of military troops and police officers which utilize high-tech drones to tightly secure their control on the city and it’s your mission to fight against the mandatory of the government under the name of Resistance; a group created by DEDSEC.

According to the player’s experience of the gameplay on the trailer above, controlling NPCs are a huge game-changer for Ubisoft in Watch Dogs Legion that enables you a lot of fun and different ways to play the game and delivers an incredibly unique experience. Throughout your journey in Watch Dogs Legion, you will have a roster of 20 recruits that every one of them will be chosen by you and will have their own backstory, skills and abilities. Each character is categorized in one the following divisions: Hacker, Infiltrator and Enforcer.

Hackers are those guys that can do work of an arsenal of weapons with just a mobile phone in hand. Infiltrators are specialists at taking down their enemies without making any noise. Finally, Enforcers are fit into those players who look for a lot of shooting and explosions in the heart of London. Death of any character will wipe it out of the game permanently and you will never have the ability to take him/her back to the game.

Watch Dogs Legion will be out next year on March 6 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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