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Ubisoft Crytek Ransomware
Ubisoft Crytek Ransomware

Ubisoft and Crytek Data Stolen on Ransomware Attack

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According to reports from ZDNET, Ubisoft and Crytek have both been victims of a ransomware attack led by a group of hackers who are leaking some sensitive information from projects from the developers.

Hackers alleged to have the source code of Watch Dogs: Legion, among other crucial data to the studio. The Egregor team is taking the credits of the ransomware and is demanding an undisclosed amount of money to not leak the data on the web. However, to prove that they are serious about its demands, some data has already been published on the ransomware gang’s dark web portal on Tuesday.

Apparently Egregor team somehow managed to obtain the sensitive data from Ubisoft, the encrypted files, and are now asking for a very lucrative ransom to decrypt the locked data. Ubisoft is likely able to recover its data in the following days, now it remains to be seen if the developer is willing to risk the exposure of the source code of its new game.

Below you can see some of the screenshots captured from the Egregor dark website, (thanks ZDNET)

Image: ZDNet
Image: ZDNet
Image: ZDNet


This is not the only controversy surrounding Ubisoft, most of the high-ranking executives of the company have been accused of harassment, sexual assault, physical abuse, and overall misconduct. Ubisoft’s investigations on the recent allegations of misconduct have revealed that of the 14,000 employees surveyed, 25 percent have experienced, or witnessed misconduct.

Back in June 2020, Ubisoft announced the start of investigations of the allegations of harassment, sexual assault, and misconduct. Tommy François and Maxime Béland have both been forced to leave Ubisoft as the allegations against them were overwhelming.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s Creative Director Ashraf Ismail has also been fired from Ubisoft due to his criminal behavior, investigations found that some of the allegations filed against him were true, as it was confirmed by an internal announcement shared within the Ubisoft Montreal.

Ubisoft is now facing a collective lawsuit against them from Solidaires Informatique, the defense, led by Maude Beckers, promises total confidentiality and legal support.

Source: ZDNET

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