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Death Stranding
Death Stranding

Troy Baker Teases Death Stranding For 2019

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Troy Baker Teases Death Stranding For 2019

Voice-over actor Troy Baker posted his #10yearchallenge by teasing an image of the character he is doing voice-over in Death Strading.

While it’s very exciting he also leaves the possibility it won’t be in 2019 as he ends his tweet with suspense and a question mark. Kojima likes to keep the player unaware of what’s happening, he feels like the less we know is better so it’s unlikely that Troy Baker having work with Kojima for years will let that slip by.

But to add fuel to this hint from Baker, it seems that Kojima Productions has nearly finished the development as Hideo Kojima invited some Guerrilla Games developers and executives to see what he managed to accomplish with their engine. Executives like Cory Barlog saw a bit of the gameplay of Death Strading and they where amazed.

Starting with the director of Horizon Zero Dawn, he wrote on Twitter “Very impressive what we saw today, left me speechless…”. Afterward, Hermen Hulst, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Guerrilla Games also Tweeted to share how impressed they are with what Kojima Productions have made using their engine.

Dennis Zopfi, Lead Combat & Robot designer at Guerrilla Games said that what he saw was “intriguing, beautiful, touching, mysterious, amazing, artistic, thrilling, engaging, inspiring and masterful”. Angie Smets, Executive producer at Guerrilla Games was also very impressed and was left speechless too.

I personally loved Horizon Zero Dawn and previous Killzone games. Big developers admitting that Death Stranding is beautiful and touching makes it harder for us to wait for the release date of the game. This also tells us how well the development of the game is going right now. It’s surely in good hands.

Keep it tuned to Gaming Instincts as we will keep you updated on the latest updates from Kojima Productions and possibly one of the most expected games in the last few years Death Stranding.

Read the full article at SegmentNext.

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[…] Troy Baker shared it’s kind of 10 year challenge teasing about Kojima’s latest masterpiece […]