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Death Stranding
Death Stranding

Best Buy Leaks Death Stranding Release Date

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Best Buy Leaks Death Stranding Release Date

An allegedly leaked Death Stranding advertising from Best Buy Canada has found its way on to Reddit suggesting a release date sometime this year. Also according to Best Buy website the game is releasing on December 31, 2019 which is unlikely that they give that release date ahead of Kojima Production but this kind of rumors are getting more common in the last few months.

Recently Troy Baker shared it’s kind of 10 year challenge teasing about Kojima’s latest masterpiece releasing this year.

Granted, as with everything when it comes to a video game, this is always up in the air. Even if they announced the game as releasing next week, there’d still be time for them to delay it – or bring it forward to Thursday.

Until we have a concrete release date all we can do is look forward to a game that we know almost nothing about, apart from the fact that it has one of video games’ biggest names in Hideo Kojima behind it. That and it has Daryl, Le Chiffre and Dr. Madeleine Swann, as well as a host of other fantastic actors and voice actors within.

Hideo Kojima recently invited some Guerrilla Games developers and executives to see what he managed to accomplish with their engine. This was very intriguing to me for the fact of how perfectionist Hideo Kojima is with his games, by revealing Guerrilla Games the gameplay of Death Stranding it suggest that the game it’s almost complete and ready to release, Kojima wanted to show Guerrilla Games’ gratitude and I highly doubt that he had showed them a raw footage of the game.

What do you think about this image, it’s just a sticker or is it the real deal?, Norman Reedus and Troy Baker has teased about the possibility of a 2019 release but as we know, Kojima is the boss and he likes to keep things uncertain, so it’s likely that this is all ordered by Hideo Kojima itself, do you think I should wear a tin foil hat? Let me know in the comment section below.

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