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Top 10 UMvC3 Characters that will be missed in MvC: Infinite

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Top 10 UMvC3 Characters that will be missed in MvC: Infinite

With the recent release of Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite, many characters returned though not all could make it through to the next installment. Marvel vs. Capcom 3 came out in 2011 on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The pixelated sprites of the games before were replaced 3D models in the classic 2D fighting setting. With the addition of the comeback mechanic known as X- factor helped those unfamiliar with the game have access to a useful tool. My first experience with this game was a joyous occasion for being a fan of Marvel this game instantly drew me in. With the roster of many obscure and known characters from an assortment of titles from these two franchises made this game accessible for any fan. The dynamic way moves are used to the stunning visual effects and the comic-book art-style there was a lot to like. Although sad to see lovable characters left in past installments, it is always great to remember the good times. All the strife of climbing the competitive ladder to the simple ass-kickery received by your friends that were better than you. To honor those that will not be playable in the new age, I would like to gaze back at the top 10 characters that will be missed.

 10. Deadpool


Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Deadpool

Starting off this list strong with the comical, comic-shattering merc with a mouth. Wade Wilson was a cancer-ridden bounty hunter that wen to a secret facility to get a cure from it, developing super-powers from others. Recently escaped and winner of the deadpool, the aptly named Deadpool is here to prove he can withstand others even across his universe. This meta character of the marvel universe ironically never had much luck in the meta of UMvC3. One could say it was the less than spectacular jokes presented within this game, but I digress we’re talking about why we miss these guys. He is well known for his wacky antics within a match, giving all of his moves verbose actions and dialogue. His hyper combo has to be the crown jewel of his move-set were he strikes an eccentric, lustful pose as seen above then proceeds to slam the target with first his health bar, afterwards picking up his hyper meter and sending said target off to the stars. Confusing for the in-game characters of what exactly happened, and a pure awesome factor for the players playing. Surely he will be missed more for his outlandish antics than pure power level, a true standout among the cast of characters.

9. Shuma-Gorath

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom, Marvel vs. Capcom, Shuma-Gorath,

Next up on the list is the DLC character and everyone’s second favorite old one, Shuma-Gorath. From the outer edges of the known universe comes this lovable elder deity who seeks to reclaim the ancient civilizations of man he once ruled over 1,000,000 years ago. Mortal enemy to Doctor Strange and all else who stand before his might. Known to be a solid anchor for compositions, though its drawbacks in speed overall made it get shadowed over by other top picks. Personally, this lovable star-shaped tentacle monster is my spirit animal for this game and I would have put him higher if others weren’t as renowned to be on this list. It seems a shade falls upon this lovable lovecraftian battle-star once again, betrayed by even one of his biggest supporters…sigh. What really makes him special is the way his body melds with each strike he performs. Whether it is turning into a giant carnivorous mouth filled with a razor-lined jaw splicing down on the unfortunate soul or throwing a swarm of spiked eyeballs with one delaying to catch your opponent off-guard. Everything about this ancient being truly makes him feel alien to the cast, well all except for the next on the list…

8. Super Skrull

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom, Marvel vs. Capcom, Super Skrull

Following the green, mean shape-changer is a another shape-changer. Super Skrull leads a prosperous, wealthy life-style on his home planet going by the name of Kl’rt. Later in life he was chosen to be endowed with the powers of the Fantastic Four as the ultimate Skrull champion. Super Skrull was a wonderful addition to the roster for both his ridiculous move-set of utilizing four fantastic abilities and as a way to add four characters to the roster for the price of one. His move-set made you feel as powerful as he looks, with his expansive moves relating back to the powers obtained. While playing as him you feel like an unstoppable force of cosmic nature radiating from each strike unleashed from his kit. I will never forget the shear force and joy I feel every-time I hear, “TENDERIZER!” There is something about flaming, elastic rock-like fists rapidly snapping back and forth into the poor soul caught up in it. This was the character I used to grasp some of more combo mechanics of the game, mainly because of that Tenderizer thing. Quickly, however, his power level did not compete with the others on my or many other rosters.

7. Wolverine

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom, Marvel vs. Capcom, Wolverine

Coming at the foothills of a dangerous bruiser, is everyone’s favorite brutal eviscerator of the competition. One of the original X-men with the power of an incredibly rapid healing regeneration and the ability to pierce his skin with his skeleton. Luckily, his skeleton is entwined with adamantium so the razor sharp blades that protrude from his knuckles rival the sharpness of swords. Alright real talk, why in MvC:I is there no more X-men characters? Wolverine is the poster child of the Marvel franchise and a well known figure among mainstream audiences. Sure there they have not been successful in recent forms of media though I think it is blasphemous to not include a reckless, feral animal such as Wolverine. Taking into consideration that he was an important tool as one of the best rush-down heroes in UMvC3. I cannot find a reason to remove a brash fighter such as this in a Marvel fighting game. Too ranty? Wolverine was a wonderful man that tore up unsuspecting opponents with stunning, clawed strokes repeatedly. An iconic hero of the Marvel universe forgotten in the latest version of Marvel Vs Capcom.

6. Viewtiful Joe

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom, Marvel vs. Capcom, Viewtiful Joe, Captain America

As well as an iconic capcom crusader, we also left behind the ability to create Viewtiful combos. No longer will this clever display of wordplay be triggered for every well-deserving combo chain, seems a new keyword will need to be found. Viewtiful Joe’s origins story revolves around one fateful day in which he went to see a movie with his girlfriend. She was taken into the a movie world and Joe leaped to his feet to save his beloved.  He was bestowed with the powers of being Viewtiful by his mentor, Captain Blue. Viewtiful Joe was always a challenge to play, though very rewarding to play right. High velocity powers of aerial domination, all with a stylish flair. I was drawn to this character for the practice of aerial combos and perfecting in-air movement. The perks of being small and fast were made apparent as he stands to be a hard character to combo.  His best quality was that of the unexpected, with many attacks meant to mix up and change gears between swings.

5. Magneto

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom, Marvel vs. Capcom, Magneto

Igniting the rant of X-men returns with the removal of the mastermind of magnetic attraction, Magneto. Max Eisenhardt grew up during World War II where he spent his early teens in Auschwitz surviving the holocaust. Though righteous at first, the collected sufferings of the events before him lead to his radical beliefs of ruling humanity to restore peace between the mutants and humans. As it befits a mind of his caliber, Magneto offered a resourceful technical role within the game. Reaching the top competitively, this villain learned to control the battlefield through supporting his allies with an impressive set of tools within his kit. It is sad to see Magneto’s kit and play-style left behind in the franchise. Though he appeared to hold a great deal of power as a supporter through his electromagnetic sweeps and overall blasts of magnetism. Magneto, being an all star, deserved a mention upon this list and will be missed in Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite.

4. Phoenix Wright

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom, Marvel vs. Capcom, Phoenix Wright

Truly the king of the term “gimmick,” Phoenix Wright is the ace detective in the court and on the battlefield. Through one fateful day in his prepubescent life, he was being charged for a crime that he didn’t commit. His friend and future rival, Miles Edgeworth, safeguarded his trial and proved Phoenix’s innocence. It was at this time that Phoenix Wright became aware of his true destiny of becoming a benevolent defense ace attorney. My first experience of this series came from witnessing some extraordinary gameplay from this dashing law-abider. Everything about his move-set should not fit at all with a fighting game and yet the cohesion is somehow made. He presses and presents his evidence until his opponent’s prosecution as part of his kit. Phoenix Wright was never competitively viable but he did have great assists and was a semi-decent carry. His lack of skill was covered by his ridiculous nature of moves like sending Maya at his enemies. I always though of Phoenix Wright as somewhat intimidating to perform combos with and to this day still don’t fully understand how to perform most actions with him. Regardless of that, he was a refreshing take for a fighter based around lawyer and the justice system.

3. Dr. Doom

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom, Marvel vs. Capcom, Dr. Doom

Leading off the final three is the big, bad dictator of Latveria known as Dr. Doom. As a child his father passed away and his mother was claimed by grasps of Mephisto. Victor von Doom devoted his life to the technological and magical aspects of life to pursue a higher power. He became scarred through an accident involving a astral projection generator that was made to save his mother and soon became known as Dr. Doom. This crowned king of Latveria now seeks to be the most powerful being in all of existence. Following in the footsteps of Magneto, Dr. Doom is an intimidating assist role with powerful combo attacks. I regularly used this metallic mastermind of mayhem as a strong support role for my team. He exemplifies the meaning of being an evil mastermind, is a staple in eSports competitions, and is just an overall great character. Just like the X-men, it seems the Fantastic Four characters were also lost during the transition into MvC:I.

2. Amaterasu

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom, Marvel vs. Capcom, Amaterasu, Wolverine

The second fighter on this list is the white wolf goddess of the sun, Amaterasu. A lone goddess, Amaterasu was thrust into her destiny by Sakuya to unify the Japanese Zodiac gods to bring peace and tranquility to Japan. Throughout this journey, she harnesses the powers of elements and brushes to create, destroy, and solve the obstacles in her way. Amaterasu was the first character I played extensively though she wasn’t the strongest in the cast. A better replacement to my love, Shuma-Gorath, this wolf is a great anchor for any team composition. Changes within her play-style comes naturally as her three different forms can be switched between movements. Using elemental affinity and the power of the brush Amaterasu becomes a resourceful fighter with a weakness of carrying. The moves offered are very stylistic in representation and offer a different vibe than other moves. Honestly, I am not sure the reason of her removal from the roster of MvC: Infinite. With the remaster for her game, Okami, on the way it would seem simple to add her in for a better influence in sales. Nonetheless, Amaterasu was an engaging, elemental goddess for any team and I am sad to see her leave.

1. Vergil

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom, Marvel vs. Capcom, Vergil

Here he is in the number one slot to no one’s surprise is the demon-embracing, not so human anymore, Vergil. The Dark Slayer himself is the twin brother of Dante who preferred to reject his humanity in place for his demonic heritage. He is willing to do anything to claim and use the power of his father Sparda. Vergil is a demonic, combo-heavy brawler in this game with top-tier assists and crazy full-screen combos. He is a fighter that everyone loves to play and also despises when they have to play against him. There is something about expressing your damage through waves of flaming, demonic ghost swords that has that sense of cool. I enjoy unleashing pure devastation on my unsuspecting friends as I dash through the air, dishing out volleys of bladed projectiles that encompass the whole screen with death. Needless to say, his move-set is dynamically pleasing and fun to use. The teleportation and dashing alone already make him a high contender but his ghost katanas makes him a powerful fighter. Though it seems Vergil still lost the fight to Dante within the new MvC:I roster, I will always remember this apocalyptic powerhouse.

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