Author: Lucian Davidson

Top 10 Hack-and-Slash Games

Whether it be engrossing the player in a fantastical story or blowing players away with impressive landscapes, nearly all games boil down to gameplay. Gameplay is the essence of all games. If players aren’t having fun, then the game fails to entice the audience. Naturally, gameplay is not the only thing that matters when it comes to many titles, but a blend of mechanics and story that truly makes a unique experience. Many titles have overlooked gameplay and suffered for it. Many games disregard other elements of game design specifically for gameplay, which becomes a risk if the gameplay...

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Shadow of the Colossus Giveaway Starting Today!

Shadow of the Colossus Giveaway Starting Today! Welcome to Gaming Instincts TV in this Lucian will be going over top 10 Remasters that will probably never see the light of day. With the release of Shadow of the Colossus Remastered for the PlayStation 4 – GamingInsticntsTV has decided to do a game digital code copy of the game itself game giveaway on the PlayStation 4 Starting February 6th – February 13th Give it a while you have the chance. There will be far more giveaways coming in March as well for other much-anticipated titles as far as Sea of...

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Anthem, the Discussion and Delay

Anthem, The Discussion and Delay BioWare, makers of great RPG experiences such as the beloved Mass Effect series and the successful MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic, always delivered on enveloping us in their handcrafted worlds. Having an eye for story, I naturally became a fan of this company’s efforts in the industry. The vast single-player experiences that one could spend days, or even weeks, exploring allured my senses. This titan of a developer fell from grace in recent years after releasing unsatisfactory titles. Now, the pressure is on with the anticipation of their most recently announced IP: multiplayer...

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Blizzard Cinematic Overview

Blizzard Cinematic Overview If you’re anywhere near the gaming spectrum, then you’ve most likely heard of the top-grade cinematic shorts produced by Blizzard Entertainment. Rivaling those of modern animation giant Pixar, these animated shorts and cinematic trailers have blown away audiences with their stunning visuals. At the top of the market stands the highly anticipated Overwatch shorts, which delve into the backstories of the game’s playable roster, adding the touch of story that game so desperately needs. Hype is one of the strongest responses from the spectacle, with the added benefit of new consumers gravitating toward the Blizzard universes. This...

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Top 10 Monsters to Hunt in Monster Hunter World

Top 10 Monsters to Hunt in Monster Hunter World Anticipation erodes as one counts down to the release of Capcom’s latest installment of the beloved Japanese phenomenon: Monster Hunter World. Personally, the Monster Hunter franchise had been far and away from my sphere of gaming, mainly due to its handheld releases. However, this new entry in the series gathers both the hardened veterans and the curious onlookers together for this new  experience. So, one might wonder, what monsters should I to hunt in the world, which will pose the biggest challenge, or offer the most aesthetically pleasing attire? To...

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