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Top 10 Superhero Games

Top 10 Superhero Games

In recent years, the comic book world and superheroes of a bygone era have made it into today’s social media spotlight. From the countless spawns of movies to the archaic, yet ever-prominent releases of comic series, heroic icons are recognized throughout the world and many wonder what it would be like to be one of these fabled fighters of justice.

What makes a superhero? Is it the colorful spandex around his waist? Or perhaps a supernatural ability in which to dispense justice. No, what truly makes a hero is the sheer will to do good in the world by protecting others and by dismantling harmful crime syndicates. Whether one possesses godlike powers or not, it is never a true measure of their power. Naturally, there are always exceptions found on this list, though the heroic individuals dispensing justice to their enemies unite all of these titles together.

10. Megaton Rainfall

Currently protectiong a city while maintaining a low amount of casualties.An interesting title makes it to this list in the form of this first-person, open-world journey from Penta-dimensional Games. You take the guise of an inter-dimensional superhero tasked with saving Earth from the looming threat of an alien invasion. Having the power of flight and near invulnerability, the game does not end when you die. Instead, you fail when the city you are protecting perishes. Though the world is completely destructible, it is this nuanced idea of protecting the city while fending off threats that makes this game truly unique. Additionally, this is a PlayStation VR experience, encapsulating the feeling of being a hero. Megaton Rainfall is an interesting title that expands this genre as a whole. Though imperfect in practice, it urges any fan of this genre to test it out.

9. Saints Row IV

The President and the 3rd Saints Crew is riding a presidential lime, holding an American flag.Developed by Volition comes the current last of this loved franchise. The crew of 3rd Street Saints have acclaimed such a pinnacle of popularity and success that they are placed within the oval office. The player controls the leader of this street gang and President of the United States of America, though not everything is great since an alien invasion is threatening all life on Earth. After obtaining superpowers, you and your crew must fend off this alien threat and save your home world. With access to many classic superpowers at your disposal, such as telekinesis or super speed, this becomes an easy feat. Saints Row IV is a different spin on this third-person shooter franchise that amps up the ridiculousness that this series has always brought to create one comedic and epic journey.

8. Deadpool

Deadpool is flying the X-jet with passengers Wolverine, Rogue, Domino and Psylocke.The ever-popular “merc with a mouth” has finally gained the access rights to design his own video game, with the willing support of High Moon Studios. Taking control of Deadpool, the player is entertained with the ridiculous plot that has Deadpool himself as the director. Full of mediocre bad guys, spontaneous humor, and, of course, shattering the 4th wall at every opportunity. Sadly, the one fault this game has is the gameplay itself, plagued with a mediocre beat ’em up that gets stale. This, however, should not deter gamers from the immensely comedic and joyful plot. Any fan of Deadpool, or anyone wanting to enjoy a different tone from a superhero game, can find enjoyment with this title.

7. Batman: Return of the Joker

Batman Return of the Joker cover art with the Joker smiling and the bat-symbol cast in his eyes.


From the past era of the Nintendo Entertainment System comes the one and only caped crusader, facing off against his arch-nemesis. Batman: Revenge of the Joker puts the player in control of the dark knight as he tracks down the recently-escaped Joker within Gotham City. One must venture through the many side-scrolling stages, defeating many villains that are wreaking havoc. Never fear, for Batman comes equipped with his trusty utility belt, giving him access to different Batarangs to use. Running through the streets and stopping the Joker’s massive crime spree is a classic representation of the Batman universe. Batman: Revenge of the Joker is a short comic-inspired side-scroller that is engaging for anyone looking to take down the Joker.

6. Prototype

Alex Mercer is shooting tendrils out in a discharge against armed guards.Developed by Radical Entertainment spawns an original conceptualization of the traditional superhero. Cursed with a genetic mutation, Alex Mercer proceeds to hunt down the organization that made him and infiltrate it from the inside. This becomes an easy feat as he possesses the ability to shape-shift his body into tendril-like weapons, along with supernatural enhancements to the physical body. Additionally, he may consume any helpless soul to recall their memories and augment his own abilities. Taking place in the marvelous city of Manhattan, the ability to roam freely is given to the player. Leaping off rooftops with super jumps and getting into engagements with elite military patrols is only half of the fun. An original design on the typical superhero formula and a very intriguing set of abilities make this game a must-play for any who want to feel power.

5. The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction

The Incredible Hulk is clenching an iron pipe and showing his true rage.Another title by Radical Entertainment, though this takes the form of Hulk set in an open-world environment. Trying to work on a cure for the Hulk, Bruce Banner gets his hideout blown up by the mutated human government branch, the Division. Doc Samson, friend of Banner, uses hypnotic suggestion to make the Hulk more heroic and complete tasks to save the nearby city. As shown in the title, this Game Cube title featured destructible environments and equally-powered super villains to test one’s might against. The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction is a very enjoyable beat ’em up that utilizes the full power of the Hulk and is for anyone wanting to wield that insurmountable strength that this green brute is known for.

4. Marvel Ultimate Alliance

A character select showing many Marvel heroes such as Daredevil, Invisible Woman, Thor, Blade, Ghost Rider and Storm.Hosting a cast of super heroes that rivals the roster of fighting games is the mission-based beat ’em up developed by Raven Software. With the overwhelming threat of Dr. Doom and the Masters of Evil, Nick Fury assembles a heroic task force to stop these powerful beings from completing their task. Players have access to over 22 iconic heroes and heroines from different franchises, such as the Avengers, The Fantastic Four, the X-Men and more. Additionally, each character has different costumes, paying homage to their many iterations. There are many interesting locales and villains reminiscent to that of the comics that one can fight through. Designing your own superhero squadron to take down the Masters of Evil is complemented with the engaging combat system implemented all make this title worth playing to any fan.

3. X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Wolverine, or Logan, is seen dismembering an African soldier.Much better than the movie it’s loosely based on is this hack-and-slash adventure featuring the lovable loner of the X-Men, Wolverine. Also developed by Raven Software, this game tells the story of Logan, his brother Creed, and his old task force, Team X. Most of the game focuses on Wolverine hunting down Creed, who is attempting to kill all members that were a part of Team X. Armed with his adamantium claws, Wolverine can dismember and maul all enemies that come between him and his revenge. The shining gem for this title is the multiple slice-and-dice combos that can be performed in the engaging combat system. If you’re wanting to play as Wolverine, or simply dish out a bladed onslaught against all who oppose you, this title ensures your satisfaction.

2. Spider Man 2

The Spiderman 2 videogame title screen with spider web swinging overhead a street in Manhattan.Developed by Treyarch comes another title adapted loosely from the film of the same name, Spider Man 2. The experience of swinging through Manhattan as the webslinger was a revolutionary game mechanic, vastly different from that of flight or jumping. Though the main antagonist of this open-world game is Doctor Octopus, Spiderman faces a plethora of villains from the comics with very unique platforming and combat scenarios. Players can take a break from being a superhero to do many other activities, such as delivering pizza in top speeds or saving balloons from disappearing into the sky. Whether you like the witty retorts of Peter Parker, the power of swinging through the concrete jungle, or simply tackling purse-snatchers to do a good deed, this game has all that and more to explore.

1. Batman Arkham Asylum

Batman Arkham Asylum title screen showing a rugged Batman with the asylum behind him.Developed by Rocksteady Studios and revolutionizing the genre as a whole with its release comes Batman in his best display since the comics. While escorting the Joker to his cell in Arkham Asylum, Batman is very aware that this insane clown wants to be here. The world’s greatest detective rings true as Harley Quinn releases the Joker and together they are in full control of the island. Controlling the caped crusader, the player must trek through the Asylum, shutting down the uprising of various super-villains and bringing an end to the Joker’s schemes. Boasting a skilled free-flow combat system and engaging stealth mechanics utilizing the various gadgets Batman acquires, this game is a highly addictive journey. The perfect way to experience this beloved heroic icon and a must play for any who love this genre, Batman Arkham Asylum takes the top spot.

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