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Tom Clancy’s XDefiant Announced

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Ubisoft tweeted that a new Tom Clancy game was in the works and going to be announced today. While I am sure there were many people that were hoping that the game might have been referring to a New Splinter Cell, the brief trailer was pretty much not what fans familiar with the Tom Clancy games Might have expected. The game is a brand new series under the Tom Clancy Banner, entitled Tom Clancys XDefiant.

Waiting for the trailer to audiences are treated to plenty of still shots advertising a graffiti style. This was no mistake as this new game conjures up colorful vibes and a bright, playful attitude, in stark contrast to the other Tom Clancy games on the market. As described during the introduction this is “fast-paced firefights, meets punk rock mosh pits.”

The game moves at a brisk pace with plenty of running and gunning, and it definitely looks like it will drop the tactical approach that Rainbow Six: Seige has become beloved for. There have been multiple gameplay styles housed in the Tom Clancy world, but even by those standards, this seems like a major departure.

The game will use a classed based system for characters known as Factions, each drawing inspiration from elsewhere under the banner. Some seem to draw from Splinter Cells Iconic look, green goggles and all, while others pull from a Seige, Ghost Recon, and more. Furthermore, half way through the trailer the game feels reminicent of, of all games, Overwatch with some characters throwing shields that they can shoot through while other characters used things like drones. It is unclear if these abilities can be unlocked and equipped or if they are Faction-based.

They did state during the trailer that Factions can swap and use any weapon loadout, allowing you to pick the faction you want with whatever gun strikes your fancy. They made a point of emphasis that “This is a shooter first,” and the game does showcase great-looking first-person gunplay.

They ended the trailer by stating that the first test will begin on August 5th. If players would like to opt into early rollout phases for the game, to try it and offer feedback, you can go here.

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