Ubisoft Suing Cheat Provider For R6 Siege Hacks

Rainbow Six Siege developer Ubisoft has filed a lawsuit against cheat provider MizuSoft, according to a report on Polygon.

Filed on October 23, 2019 in the Central District of California, the lawsuit contains complaints for “trafficking in circumvention technology,” “intentional interference with contractual relations,” and “unfair competition.”

The body of the lawsuit document describes the defendants as “the founders and operators of a business enterprise formerly known as “CheapBoost,” and now known as “MizuSoft.” MizuSoft describes itself as “a leading cheat provider” and “a company that focuses on creating easy to use and undetected cheating software.” Defendants and those working in concert with them have sought to unlawfully and unfairly enrich themselves by creating, selling, distributing, maintaining, servicing, supporting,and updating malicious software products that are specifically designed to (and have no other purpose but to) enable their users to cheat at R6S, at the expense of Ubisoft and its legitimate customers.”

The lawsuit further states that “MizuSoft’s only product, titled “BudgetEdition Rainbow Six: Siege Cheat” (the “Cheating Software”), is a software tool that enables its users to manipulate R6S to their personal advantage, such as by increasing the damage inflicted by the player, changing the player’s perspective,and allowing the player to see areas of the battlefield that otherwise would be obscured. Defendants reportedly receive thousands of dollars each month from the sale of licenses for the cheating software, to the detriment of Ubisoft.”

This lawsuit may be the latest, but will certainly not be the last of developer attempts to shut down those who destroy the integrity of their games for all legitimate, honest players. While cheating players are often banned from playing and ruining everyone else’s fun, they also tend to then create a new account or purchase a new copy of the game, then continue to cheat. By suing cheatmakers in addition to banning immoral players, companies such as Ubisoft continue the fight to keep the gaming playing field as fair as possible.

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