Ruby Statue from Sunken Curse Event in Sea of Thieves

The Sunken Curse Solo/Duo Guide – Sea of Thieves

The Sunken Curse Solo/Duo Guide – Sea of Thieves

Welcome to our guide for the new live event for Sea of Thieves – The Sunken Curse. In this new event, the pirates must seek out these evil cursed mermaid statues that are hidden underwater near the shores of the many different islands in Sea of Thieves. We here at Gaming Instincts will guide you on how you can get all the commendations by yourself (solo) or with a friend (duo) without spending the time to find a whole crew to play with or if your other buddies do not have the time.  You can use the video guide below with full commentary if you prefer the video format. You can check out the rest of our other Sea of Thieves guides right here.

First and foremost its worth noting that these statutes do not spawn at outposts or forts, but instead they spawn randomly at uncharted and regular islands that you see on the map. Small islands like Rapier Cay usually have only 1 statue a pop. Meanwhile, islands like Plunder Valley or Thieve’s Haven usually pack up to around 2 to 3 statues an Island.

There are 3 different tiers of statutes, sapphire (blue), emerald (green) and ruby (red) and they all rank from easiest to hardest. The sapphires only take 3 blunderbuss shots to destroy or a few sword slashes, meanwhile the emeralds and rubies require 2 to 4 people to take destroy due to the fact that they regenerate their health and have a much higher HP count.

To find these statues, you must first go to an island of your choice and then go underwater and swim around the edge of the island and listen to musical/sound queues. When you’re close to an evil cursed mermaid statue you will hear a very obvious audio queue and as it gets louder that means you’re closer to it. Once you locate the statute you will be able to identify what colors it is and then your job is to take it down without drowning underwater or getting eaten by the deadly sharks.

Sapphire Strats: As previously mentioned a blue statue (sapphire) can be destroyed with 3 shots of a blunderbuss very easily.

Emerald Strats: If you’re playing solo, then for the Emerald whip out your blunderbuss, fire all 5 shots and make sure you’re stocked with 5 bananas on you as well as you will be required to use them to out heal the damage either from the cursed statue or drowning in order to be able to kill it.

Once you use all your 5 blunderbuss shots, equip your sword and hack away at it until it gets destroyed. Emeralds are made for 2 man crews, but with this, strat you can take them down easily by yourself. If you’re playing with a friend then both of you just use the blunderbuss and fire all 10 shots and it will be destroyed.

Ruby Strats: These are the hardest statues to take down in The Sunken Curse event but fear not my dear pirate because we got you covered. if you want to solo these (because they were designed for 3-4 people) go to the closest fort and collect up to at least 5 gunpowder barrels on your ship and then when you find a ruby pray to the pirate lords that it will spawn close enough on the actual short instead of deep down underwater so that you can use these powder kegs to blow it up. It takes 5 powder kegs to blow up 1 ruby. If the ruby statue spawns deep down underwater then, unfortunately, you will not be able to destroy it.

However, if you are in a 2 man crew than these can easily be done with 2 people even if the ruby spawns deep underwater. Just make sure to clear the sea of sharks and both of you equip 5 bananas, fire all of your blunderbuss shots and hack away at it with the sword and take turns healing and hitting the statue until it dies and you should be golden.

Rince and repat the steps above and you’ll get all of your commendations including the legendary commendation as well in no time. We hope this was helpful! Stay tuned to Gaming Instincts for more tips & tricks on Sea of Thieves.

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