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The Return of Fable Follow-up

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The Return of Fable Follow-up

News has struck the gaming community about Playground Games, makers of the Forza Horizon series, claiming that they are currently working on an “open-world action rpg”. It seems the return of Fable is all but imminent, and many hope and pray that this speculation comes to light.

Previously, I looked upon the vague rumors that surfaced around that time, mentioning the potential of Playground Games rekindling the thought-to-be-dead Fable series. Yes, the death of Lionhead Studios was a tragedy that will slowly fade into obscurity. However, this new UK developer hopes to empower Microsoft and their company with this new title. With the news received, I plan to delve more into how all these new changes to the staff for this title will better suit the Fable 4 us fans crave.

Reinforcements to Playground

Playground Games creates stunning landscapes to explore with high quality assets, though even a successful company such as this welcomes new talent that will bring their previous experiences to the development of this new project. These brave pioneers seek a new beginning, weaving their own twists and tales into the creative process.

The first of these new recruits is principal environmental artist of Star Wars: Battlefront II, Scotty Brown. Whatever ones’ opinion of the EA-revamped classic series may be, many gamers can agree that the environmental aspects are not just a beauty, but breathtaking. From the high-texture snowstorms, all the way to arid wastelands of sandy dunes, presenting realistic, gorgeous marvels within the environment is certainly a great quality to bring.

Star Wars Battlefront 2: forest scenery with a walker in the background

Coming from Bioware with 13 years invested, Noal Lukesewich joins the team as lead environmental artist, once again portraying a different, yet equally stunning landscape for this title. A veteran of the Mass Effect series, this strong asset will provide unique, engaging landscapes that tell a story, while presenting itself as a modern wonder.

From Rocksteady Studios, creators of the famous Batman: Arkham series, Martin Landcaster joins as a narrative director. The Batman: Arkham games portrayed a captivating, realistic sight into the mask of the caped crusader. Telling a story rivaling that of the comics, truly engrossing the player into the world of Batman. With this in mind, a captivating story sure to enthrall ones’ mind can be expected.

On the technical side of the game sphere, UI artist Joe McKernan joins the team. A previous employee of Playground Games returns, bringing the experiences of working on the Horizon: Zero Dawn and Destiny 2 teams. Overlooked in what qualities make a game great, UI is one of the most engaging features to the player requiring it to be unique, simple and stylistic.

From Ninja Theory, developers of the godly Hellblade and the Devil May Cry series, comes the new principal animator, Chris Goodall. Raising the threshold of action-based visuals and design, the combat system for this new title will likely be a chaotic marvel to pursue.

Hell-blade's combat in a 3-D format striking a guy

The command that these new hires bring to the table for the possible new Fable game make fans shudder with anticipation. Truly developing a master-craft team to create a tremendous title, the people and experiences they have shine a light on the possibility this game can become.

Speculation and Conclusion

A new Fable entry has been a long time coming, and continuous news such as this shows the speculation could be a reality. Although no one is certain of the possibilities of these rumors, all these signs point towards the likelihood. Fable will make its return – maybe not in the image and light many of us expect – but  it will return. Begone the darkness that tainted the hearts of fans when Lionhead Studios fell, begin again a new praise for the potential of Playground Games and the potential of Microsoft.

Encapsulating environmental effects and locales set to suck one into the lore of the world and tell a story through the scenery, presenting a captivating morale-based adventure depicting the great struggle of good vs. evil with a hint of humor. Creating a visually-crafted, engaging combat experience, enhancing the further enjoyment of the game while adding a spice of tactical movement or simply forming that simple nostalgia one feels when revisiting the old land of Albion, wanting to once again get immersed in this great franchise.  This is all within the hands of Playground Games, though from their new additions, they are all-too capable, to impress the fans and bolster a Microsoft renaissance.

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