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Crusader and Monster from Diablo and Parasive eve for The Primal Newscast
Crusader and Monster from Diablo and Parasive eve for The Primal Newscast

The Primal Newscast – Weekly News Recap Episode #5

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The Primal Newscast – Weekly News Recap Episode #5

Welcome to The Primal Newscast where Gaming Instincts goes over the most hottest and interesting news of the week in the gaming industry.

Diablo IV Development Details and Warcraft Go Coming

Earlier last week Kotaku managed to get the dibs on what’s actually happening behind the scenes at Blizzard Entertainment specifically with the development of Diablo IV. To make a long story short, basically Diablo IV started development right after the second expansion for Diablo III before it got canned sometime in 2014. The name of the project was Hades and it was going to be a the next main entry in the series with a completely new direction. Hades was inspired and planned as a the Dark Souls equivalent Diablo game, so if you’re a fan of From Software and Bloodborne then this would be right up your alley (including mine as well).

However, later in development Blizzard has decided to axe the project because it was way too different from what Diablo was always known. The development got rebooted in 2016 and the name was changed to Fenris and the game’s direction went back to the original isometric view that we all know and love from the series. Diablo IV is taking a ton of inspiration from Diablo II and is planned to be a very dark game as opposed to it’s red-headed step child Diablo III. With that being said, the game’s expected release date according to the sources at Kotaku is sometime in 2020 or 2021 with the announcement coming sometime in 2019.

Kotaku also managed to find out that there is a Warcraft mobile game in development. According to their sources the game is inspired the Pokemon Go but with single-player elements and unfortunately that’s all they managed to find out. As to when the game will be revealed or where is still unknown, however it is safe to say that we most likely will see it at Blizzcon next year since Diablo Immortal was announced earlier this year as a mobile game. It might also appear at Gamescom or maybe even PAX because that’s where Hearthstone was originally announced.

Kingdom Hearts III Development is Finished

The development of Kingdom Hearts III is finally finished and Square-enix have release yet another gameplay trailer showcasing more content from the game. It’s hard to believe that we’re only 2 months away from a game that’s been anticipated for so long. It’s also insane to think how fast and how much time has passed since Kingdom Hearts II. Kingdom Hearts III did skip an entire console generation. While there were other spin-offs released during the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 era, there was no sight or any kind of suggestion that a new mainline entry was coming and just for reference, PlayStation 3 launched in November of 2006 and Xbox 360 launched in November of 2005 and Kingdom Hearts III is being released at the end of January of 2019 that is literally 13 to 14 years of waiting for the next mainline entry. That is absolute insanity.

Parasite Eve Returns

Speaking of Square-enix it seem that the return of Parasite Eve might be upon us. Earlier last week Square-enix apparently registered a “Parasite Eve” trademark in Europe. The speculations are now happening and people are wondering if it’s a remaster, a remake or a whole new entry in the series. Square-enix has been on a roll this generation with announcements like Kingdom Hearts III, Final Fantasy Versus XIII turning into Final Fantasy XV and Final Fantasy VII Remake. So, at this point I would not be surprised if Parasite Eve is also making some sort of a comeback in a big way. Keep your eyes peeled to Gaming Instincts, we will have further updates for you as time goes by on Parasite Eve as soon as something pops.


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