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Parasite Eve
Parasite Eve

Square Enix Trademark Parasite Eve in Europe

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Square Enix Trademark Parasite Eve in Europe

Square-Enix has just registered a trademark for Parasite Eve in Europe, eight years after the release of the third, and seemingly final, entry in the popular sci-fi horror RPG series.

This means exciting things to come for the fans of the Sci-Fi horror RPG series, could be in the form of  remake, remaster or maybe a new game.

Parasite Eve was born from a 1995 Japanese sci-fi horror novel and played a part in the boom of ‘J-Horror’ that saw the likes of The Ring gain cult status. The game acted as a directs sequel to the novel and first appeared on the original PlayStation in 1998, and quickly gained a sequel of its own the year after. The last entry in the series, The 3rd Birthday, came in 2010 and was exclusive to the PlayStation Portable.

Given the timeframe and the popularity of remakes of 20-year-old games such as Resident Evil 2 and Spyro the Dragon, it wouldn’t be the worst idea to bring Parasite Eve back the same way and introduce a whole new audience to it.

Parasite Eve is based on a Japanese science fiction horror novel by Hideaki Sena published by Kadokawa in 1995. Parasite Eve was also adapted into a film and manga series. The first two video games serve as sequels to the novel, along with a spin-off third game. The video games have also been adapted into a manga series.

The game was produced by Hironobu Sakaguchi and directed by Takashi Tokita of Square. During development of the game, Square decided to use New York City as the setting after having been previously considered for use in Final Fantasy VII. The game is notable for being Square’s first game to be rated Mature by the ESRB.

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