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Guys from The Outer Worlds
Guys from The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds – No PS4 Pro Enhancements

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One of the year’s most anticipated games is Obsidian Entertainment’s The Outer Worlds. With games like Fallout 76 falling completely short of expectations, The Outer Worlds to some is here to fill a void. We haven’t received a proper post-apocalyptic open-world game in what feels like forever. So when The Outer Worlds was announced last year and we learned it was handled by a good portion of the team who made Fallout: New Vegas, the hype immediately ramped up.

If you’re unfamiliar The Outer Worlds is promising to be a single-player, open-world RPG, where you’re able to level up, apply quirks, traits, and stats to your player. Again this follows in the vein of Fallout where everyone’s playthrough is going to be different not just between you and I the gamers, but subsequent, followup playthroughs as well. Obsidian was on a roll too, announcing the game for Nintendo Switch earlier this summer.

Today however via a report from Windows Central, they’ve confirmed with a spokesperson of the publisher Private Division, that the PS4 Pro version of the game will get no enhancements. The Xbox One X version of The Outer Worlds will have 4K enhancements. To be clear there’s no word if the PS4 Pro version could get an update in the future but right now, Xbox One X is the best way to play the game visually if graphic fidelity is your thing.

Personally, while I haven’t decided what system I’m going to pick up The Outer Worlds on, 4K resolution doesn’t really play a factor for me. At this point I just want Obsidian to have the game come out and have a smooth, bugless release that we can all enjoy.

What about you though? Do you have a PS4 Pro? What do you think about this news? Will you pass up The Outer Worlds on PS4 Pro in favor of another system? Let us know what you think and make sure you follow Gaming Instincts on Facebook and Twitter.

Source: Windows Central

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