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What You Need to Know About The Outer Worlds

What you need to know about The Outer Worlds

Outer Worlds is the newest game from the creators of Fallout New Vegas, Obsidian entertainment and it promises to be one hell of an RPG where you can be either the savior of the story, or a complete menace. With these two options we’ll be sure to get tons of different choices and the consequences they come with. If you don’t want to make too many choices and simply let your weapons do the talking, you’ll be able to do that as well. Since Outer Worlds wants to be a big dynamic and interactive world where your choices affect everything, there will be tons of things people will need to know before getting into the game.

Kill any NPC

That’s right, you have the ability to basically kill any NPC in The Outer Worlds. Unlike other rpg’s none of these characters are necessarily essential, meaning that they all have the ability to get killed by you or anyone else for that matter. So no more people being unconscious just because they’re the mayor of the town or anything, if they die, then the game will have other ways to work. Maybe you can start other quests without the use of the first main quest giver?

Talking will take some skill

Dialogue will be important in Outer Worlds despite your character not having a voice actor. Though the choices you make during conversation will definitely matter in the long run whether you’re trying to persuade your way through doing a mission or just bluffing through what an NPC wants.

If you want to become a silver-tongued manipulator, then you’ll need to get some persuasion skills to use the choices when prompted. You can also choose to be aggressive and use brute force to scare whoever you’re talking to. Hey, if you get caught stealing, you may have a chance to get away with it with enough persuasion, or even with a bit of money. Whatever the choices you make, make them count as they do affect the mission they’re associated with.

Perks and Skills

You have a set amount of points that you can distribute at the beginning of the game like strength, intelligence an stamina to make your character, physically better at doing things like dealing gun damage, have better accuracy, and deal melee damage. Of course these skills also go into other things you can do like stealth, dialogue, and even leadership. You can even get perks every two levels that can for the most part make your base skills even better.

Perks come in three tiers and the next tier doesn’t unlock until you spend 5 points on a previous tier. There are at least three tiers and 14 skills associated with the tiers. You only get perk points every other level, so make your choices wisely.

Stealth and Disguises

Sneaking is also a great option to take in the game. If you’re sneaky, then you’ll be able to do extra damage when fighting against an unaware enemy. You’ll definitely be able to use your silencers more effectively this way and some melee skills will definitely play into this. Of course if you want to use stealth for thieving purposes, pickpocketing items out of unaware NPC’s pockets will definitely yield some important loot, though getting caught will have huge consequences.

If you aren’t exactly sneaky or have as much tact, well you’ll be able to disguise yourself in the game though the use of holograms. In some cases you can benefit by pretending to be a random factory worker in a factory-run town. Is it fool-proof? It’s definitely up to the player on how these disguises will work and if you’re real good, you can get away with many things, like pulling off a heist in your favorite weapon store.

Tactical Time Dilation

You can slow down time in The Outer Worlds. That’s right, very similar to using V.A.T.S. you can use TTD to slow down time. Generally you can use this to dodge some bullets and take cover under sticky situations. That’s cool but under fire, you use this ability to take aim and shoot at your enemies’ weak point such as their heads or some other part in order to get a big critical hit. Of course you can’t use the ability all willy nilly, as a big chunk of your meter gets used after every shot you take so attack accordingly.

Additionally, when targeting people in TTD, you’re able to scan enemies and NPC’s that shows us their faction, health and armor levels. You can also view a short description of the enemy that shows you the best strategy to handle them. Additionally, you can read a bit of fun flavor text that shows you some funny lore about the enemies and creatures.

Companions are Important

If you’ve ever played a game made by Obsidian, that means that you know that they’re known for their fun companions and having them have a huge role within any of their RPG games. The Outer Worlds is no exception as you can have a wide array of companions with two of them being able to be out by your side out in the field. You’ll be able to customize their behavior, whether it’s their aggressiveness towards enemies, and how they’ll fight as a whole.

You’ll be able to use the abilities of your companions and they will react to your choices you make in front of them. That’s right, if you do something that a companion likes, they’ll trust you more, but if you decide to kill a random civilian for no reason, they may choose to abandon you and not fight for you ever again. This all plays into what sort of character players will choose to be and the choices they’ll make throughout the game.

Additionally, if companions like you enough, they will have loyalty quests that you can choose to do or not do, and will reward the companion with points to upgrade their skills.


The Outer Worlds is a charming RPG that will let people let our their inner Role Player in them. If you can do it in the game, then it can be done with all of the consequences it deserves. It’s your choice on how you want to treat things in the Outer Worlds. If you want to be the hero that will oppose all of the corporations in this dystopian future, then be it. If you want to be a complete psychopath who wants to destroy it all, then you can be that too. We’re not telling you how to play, we’re telling you that you can play however you want.

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