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Character from the upcoming RPG, The Outer Worlds
Character from the upcoming RPG, The Outer Worlds

Obsidian “Absolutely Interested” in The Outer Worlds Sequel

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With the next big IP from acclaimed veteran developers Obsidian Entertainment, The Outer Worlds, nearing its launch next month, many fans are eager to try out the new galactic RPG. While we’ve seen plenty of details and gameplay footage on the upcoming title, it seems that there’s still plenty the developers wish to incorporate in potential sequels for the new IP.

A recent interview with Video Game Chronicle, narrative designer of The Outer Worlds, Megan Starks, has revealed that a sequel to the unreleased title is definitely on the table. While it may be a bit premature to think about a sequel for a game that as yet to sell a copy, the hype surrounding the next title from the veteran developing team is definitely real.

“I guess it depends on if people like the game, but we would absolutely be interested in plans like it, yeah(…)I really enjoyed making this game so I would like to work on it a while longer. But I think first our focus is polishing up this game and getting it out the door! The nice thing is, since the game is from the co-creators of the original Fallout IP, they just have notes and notes… we already have a full universe of lore, which is really nice.” – Megan Starks, Narrative Designer at Obsidian Entertainment

So, this may not be too surprising that a developer wants to continue working on a new IP as a series, it’s nonetheless exciting to have a sense of where the new IP might be headed. And with the previously mentioned experience on the iconic Fallout franchise, Obisdian certainly has plenty of knowledge on creating a riveting RPG universe.

The Outer Worlds is set to release on October 25, 2019 for the PS4, Switch, Xbox One and PC. As for a potential sequel, Obsidian has since become a part of the Xbox Game Studios family, so it’s a bit uncertain if they’d continue to push the series on multiple platforms, or make the series a Microsoft exclusive.

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