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The Outer Worlds guy
The Outer Worlds guy

The Outer Worlds – Day One Patch Size Announced

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It’s been an interesting year for Obsidian Entertainment and their new series The Outer Worlds. We can go all the way back to earlier in 2018 when the game was announced after Bethesda released their blunder in Fallout 76. Most Fallout fans (myself included) have been waiting for a proper single-player open-world RPG for a few years now. For all intents and purposes, The Outer Worlds and Obsidian Entertainment is the chosen one. As stated in our previous piece, if we can get a smooth, bugless experience from this game, I’ll be satisfied because everything Obsidian has shown up to this point has grabbed me.

First, I want to backtrack on our previous article posted yesterday about the performance of The Outer Worlds on the PS4 Pro. It was previously reported that the PS4 Pro version of The Outer Worlds would see no graphical enhancements, while the Xbox One X edition would see 4K enhancements. Private Division in a tweet last night, corrected this in saying:

Second in a post yesterday, Private Division gave us information on when the game would be dropping for your respective region. They also let us know that there will be a Day One patch for both Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The Xbox One patch comes in around 38 gigabytes and the PS4 patch comes in around 18 gigabytes.

With the enhancement, issue cleared it looks like The Outer Worlds is set and primed for a clean and smooth release. Are you grabbing The Outer Worlds when it releases Oct. 25th? Let us know and make sure to follow Gaming Instincts on Facebook and Twitter.

Source: Private Division

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