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The last of Us Part II
The last of Us Part II

The Last of Us Part II Story and Plot Twists Leaked

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Apparently, some beta testers of The Last Of Us Part II, decided to spoil the gameplay, cutscenes and even some plot twist of the delayed game. The information is on several unofficial PlayStation Forums, mainly on the ResetEra Forums.

The videos were uploaded to YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, Sony is trying their best to contain the massive amount of people who want to reveal the information, but the spoilers are now viral, and the information has been reproduced countless times in the last couple of hours. There is also evidence of an unfinished multiplayer code and the menu screen.

We at Gaming Instincts, strongly encourage our readers to not participate this practice, this kind of leaks will inevitably ruin the experience for some fans who might encounter the information by accident. The leak of the plot twist could harms the launch of the game. We strongly support developers and the whole industry, we can’t share the content of the leaks as it’s Sony’s and Naughty Dog’s IP and should not be reproduced without their explicit authorization.

Earlier this month Sony Interactive Entertainment and Naughty Dog announced that due to ‘logistics’ problems, The Last Of Us Part II was indefinitely delayed. But the studio confirmed that they’re ‘nearly done’ with the development of the game, the official statement reads that developers are ‘in the midst of fixing our final bugs’.

“Even with us finishing the game, we were faced with the reality that due to logistics beyond our control, we couldn’t launch The Last of Us Part II around the same time, ensuring that we’re doing everything possible to preserve the best experience for everyone. This meant delaying the game until such a time when we can solve these logistics issues.We were bummed about this decision but ultimately understood it’s what’s best and fair to all of our players. We’re hoping that this won’t be a long delay and we’ll update you as soon as we have new information to share.”

Stay tuned at Gaming Instincts via Twitter, YouTube and Facebook for more gaming news.

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