Joel from the Last of Us II

The Last of Us Part II Gets New Release Date Trailer

The Last of Us II was featured near the end of today’s PlayStation State of Play and we think that it features tons of new information.

Ellie, after events of the party from the previous trailer gets attached to this girl. Afters something goes wrong in the settlement, Ellie sees her get killed, setting Ellie off to go on a revenge-fueled adventure to destroy this new threat. Of course it would be a bit weird if she were alone, so she could use the help of some people. No not just Tommy, it’s someone else more familiar. Joel. That’s right, Joel will be coming back to back Ellie up on her adventure, but will it feature the two together as much as they were together in the Last of Us? We’ll have to find out.

You can check it out here:

There is a lot of information that still remains unknown for the most part such as where the game is taking place and who exactly this new gang of violent men are, but one thing is for certain is that Ellie won’t let them live. We also barely seen anything that looks like gameplay, even if the trailer was full of in-game scenes, we don’t know what a playthrough of the game really looks like yet. Hopefully they’ll be able to show off more of the game’s systems in the future, but one thing’s for sure is that the game looks fantastic.

At the end of the trailer, they reveal that the game is launching on February 21, 2020 exclusively on the PlayStation 4. It’s not the Playstatiion 5, but it does seem like the game would be able to run with these graphics.

For more information about The Last of Us Part II check it out here.

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