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Ellie from The Last of Us
Ellie from The Last of Us

Amazon UK Mistakenly Reveals The Last of Us Part 2 Release Date

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Amazon UK Mistakenly Reveals The Last of Us Part 2 Release Date

According to a post on Reddit, it would seem that Amazon UK has revealed the release date for The Last of Us Part 2 and it seems to be fairly close. That’s right, Amazon UK straight up put the release date onto their UK website and it definitely reveals some information regarding the game.

The Last of Us part 2 release date.

Screenshot of the release date for TLOU Part II.

“It seems that a day ago, and that is before the announcement of the official participation of The Last of Us Part 2 at the next State of Play, Amazon UK has mistakenly released what appear to be the release date of the game.”

The post also states that, “However, as of today (Sept 21) on the official website of Amazon UK the oversight seems to have been corrected quickly.” This means that they have quickly edited out the release date but it would seem that many people have already caught the release date.

The store also give us some small details about the game through this description, “Five years later… An intense, harrowing and emotional adventure awaits – Ellie and Joel return for an epic journey in the sequel tot he critically acclaimed game by Naughty Dog.”

While this information is a bit sparce, we now do know that the game is set to release weeks after Cyberpunk 2077’s release on April 16, 2020. So with this in mind people are already speculating on which game to prioritize to buy first, possibly destroying the marketing Naughtydog had previously for the game. Nontheless, this one is on Amazon UK and that’s the fact. The same thing happened with Watch Dogs Legion before it was announced and was leaked through a mistake on their end as well. Hopefully Amazon UK will get things set straight from now and and won’t spoil release dates for future games.

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