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The Last of Us Part 2 DLC
The Last of Us Part 2 DLC

The Last of Us: Part 2 DLC Is not Being Planned Says Neil Druckmann

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According to a statement of Neil Druckmann, Creative Director of The Last of Us: Part 2, at Kinda Funny Podcast, Naughty Dog is not planning to develop a DLC for the controversial game. A rather surprising move from the developer who saw a very positive reception for The Last of Us: Left Behind DLC.

Back in September 2019, Naughy Dog when Naughty Dog confirmed that The Last of Us Part II would release without a new Factions multiplayer mode.

“You will eventually experience the fruits of our team’s online ambition,” Naughty Dog said at the time, “but not as part of The Last of Us 2. When and where it will be realized is still to be determined. But rest assured, we are as big a fan of Factions as the rest of our community and are excited to share more when it’s ready.”

“Beyond an additional mode that could be included with our enormous single-player campaign”

Now, after the leak and launch of the polemic title, Druckmann does not share anything promising for fans who are eager to get back at the multiplayer mode.

“I remember when we used to make multiplayer games,” he joked, before miming a mouth-zipping action.

The long awaited sequel to the survival horror game released in 2013 has just launched. The game gives the  impression of being part of an interactive film. Developers combine eye catching visuals, audio and controversial story in order to deliver on the best titles of the current gen of consoles.

Neil Druckmann has also suggested that The Last of Us: Part III, or a new IP will be the next AAA game from Naughty Dog, he explains that he wasconflicted to decide if The Last of Us deserved a sequel after such a great ending.

Source: EuroGamer

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