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The Gunk Is an Xbox Exclusive Announced at Xbox Games Showcase

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From the creators of SteamWorld, The Gunk is a new IP that will take players on a new adventure in a vast alien planet. Players will face terrifying enemies and will have to solve puzzles to discover all the secrets of the mysterious planet.

The Gunk is an Xbox exclusive title, the game will be available for Xbox Series X and Xbox One thanks to Smart Delivery.

Check the world premiere trailer down below:

Brjann Sigurgeirsson, CEO, Thunderful Group explained how the company envisioned this new IP after the success of SteamWorld.

After having released the smash hit SteamWorld Dig 2 in late 2017, we sat down to discuss where to go next. Over the past few years Image & Form had launched four very clever SteamWorld games in highly stylized 2D and picked up an array of awards along the way. Still, many felt it was time to find a new direction, to do something else.

Something that didn’t necessarily feature steam-driven protagonists or fit every thinkable platform, but rather would explode in full 3D, use every little ounce of computing power and generally go all the way. In short, a game where more is more.

And so, The Gunk was born. Or rather, the idea that later became The Gunk was born, because it certainly wasn’t what it is today – that’s not how the Image & Form team makes games.

The Gunk is a game about two friends who travel around space scavenging, they arrive a planet that looks dead from a distance, little did they know that there is a slimy parasite ‘Gunk’ that covers large areas and seems to disturb the ecosystem of the plant. It’s up to the players to save the dying planet and investigate what led to the parasite to thrive and defeat other species.

More information about The Gunk will be revealed in the following months, the game is confirmed to arrive on Xbox One, Xbox Series X  and Window 10 PC in September 2021.

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