The Elder Scrolls Blades

The Elder Scrolls Blades Announced For Phones

The Elder Scrolls Blades Announced For Phones

Bethesda announced The Elder Scrolls: Blades, the first mobile entry of its iconic fantasy role-playing series. Game director Todd Howard called it a “massive first-person RPG with console-quality graphics” during its on-stage reveal at the E3 gaming show in Los Angeles.

It’s an entirely touch-driven Elder Scrolls game that utilizes super intuitive touch controls to manage everything in the game. Utilizing melee weapons, casting spells, and everything else is just done with simple taps and gestures. It also can be played in either landscape or portrait mode one handed.

There’s several modes of play, the abyss is an endless dungeon roguelike affair. Arena is a 1v1 PvP mode, and The Town is the “main” story mode where players are a member of the Blades which has a full-blown town building mode where you can tweak out, level up, and customize your town.

Blades will be coming to every platform they can run it on from phones to consoles to PC, and they all connect to each other with total crossplay. Blades is coming later this year for free, and you’ll be able to register for early access at

Check out the Trailer:

You play as one of the Blades, the Empire’s top warriors, who returns to their hometown which has been destroyed and needs to be rebuilt. The meat of the game is a town building mode, where you upgrade and decorate your town. As it levels up, you unlock new NPCs, quests, and more. And you’ll be able to visit your friends’ towns.

A video demo at Bethesda’s E3 press conference showed first-person combat with touch controls on iPhone, navigating an inventory and equipping new armor and weapons, and playing the game in both portrait and landscape mode. There are dungeons and outdoor areas, with graphics that rival last-gen consoles.

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