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Take-Two Will Reveal New Game This Month – Rumor

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Take-Two Interactive, the massive holding company responsible for such games as Borderlands and the 2k Sports franchises, is getting set to announce a new game before the end of this month. This is according to a new rumor that was posted on Twitter. What’s more, according to the poster the game in question is slated for prior to the end of this fiscal year. That would place its release date before March 31, 2022.

Disclaimer – This information has not been verified, therefore this is not factual.

According to Stephen Totilo, a gaming reporter for Axios, Take-Two execs are gearing up for the announcement of a new game. He also claims that two previously unannounced games were being delayed later into that year, something that has not been uncommon given the state of the world.

While we do not know what the game or games in question are exactly, there have been a few rumors that might help figure it out. Earlier this year 2k, which was founded under Take-Two Interactive was rumored to have a few games in development. This rumor came right before E3 but was not tied to the event itself. Later on, Jason Schreier seemed to confirm these rumors. While that by no means makes them factual, Schreier is well known for have access to information like that, making him a very credible voice in the industry.

One of these upcoming games was a rumored Marvel superhero game being developed by Firaxis, the developers behind the rebooted XCOM franchise. The rumors suggested that this game was supposed to play similar to XCOM, while instead using several Marvel characters. It is being developed under the codename Coda.

The second big title yet to be confirmed from that leak is a new IP from Mafia III developers Hangar 13. It is being developed under the codename Volt. It is suggested to be an open-world game with sci-fi elements. According to initial leaks, it has a logo similar to the Fallout Franchise. Whatever their new IP is, Hanger 13 had earlier stated that their next game would be Narrative in nature, similar to their work on Mafia III.

Another big suggestion from this leak was the now confirmed Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, which helps to give credibility to whatever has yet to be confirmed. Whatever is in the works, if this leak is correct we do not have much longer to wait before it is revealed.

Source- Reddit

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