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Leak possibly Reveals New Projects from 2K – Rumor

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Marvel has a massive roster of characters with powers that ranging powers. With such a wide variety to choose from, it is no wonder the superhero group appears in all sorts of different genres. According to a new Rumor, publisher 2K will be turning to XCOM developer Firaxis to give the team a tactical new game.

Disclaimer – This information has not been verified, therefore this is not factual.

A leaked list of games that appeared online was verified recently by Jason Schreier.

Listed is the cover athlete for  NBA 2K22, which claims it to be Dirk Nowitzki. It also mentions a new game that has been referred to as “Cthulu Meets Sants Row”. This game is known as Codename Volt and is possibly being developed by Hanger 13, of Mafia III fame.

A major claim is that we can expect a Tiny Tina spin-off game. The game, which is called Wonderland, seems to be similar to other games Borderlands games, having multi-class heroes. Randy Pitchford rumored several projects through tweets. He claims that Gearbox will also develop all spin-offs of the franchise as well. The big Borderlands game he has been teasing might be this one.

The last big reveal is of course Marvels’ XCOM. During an earnings call CEO Strauss Zelnick stated:

“As a result of the engagement from the past as well as the success of XCOM Chimera Squad and XCOM 2 on Switch, Firaxis games had one of its best years ever,”

This of course paints a picture of where the studio stands moving forward. Working under the title, Codename CODA, the game will be “XCOM with Marvel Heros”. While the game hasn’t been referred to under the Avengers title as of yet, most team-ups in the universe do owe to the vast number of popular characters you get access to.

Gearbox will have their E3 showing on Saturday, June 12th while 2K will have their E3 showing Monday, June 15th.

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