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Take-Two Canceled Unannounced Hanger 13 Game, Codenamed ‘Volt’

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Take-Two has announced during an earnings call with investors that they have canceled the upcoming game being developed by the team behind Mafia 3, Hanger 13. Never officially announced, the game was known as Volt and was set to cost around $53 million to develop.

What is known about the game was that it was intended to be a live service title that was played in the third person. The cancelation of the project took the employees of Hanger 13 by surprise, with many fearing there could be possible layoffs in the future.

Studio Founder, and Head, Haden Blackman informed employees in an email, stating:

While the Hangar 13 name and Volt’s working title are not being shared publicly, T2 is announcing today that 2K had made the difficult decision to stop developing on the project. I know this likely comes as a shock, but I wanted you to hear it from me first and provide some context.

Blackman wrote that despite high internal testing it was determined by Take-Two that the cost of development, especially amid such “industry challenges” largely brought about due to Covid-19, would make the project “commercially unviable.” He went on to write:

We are confident that there are many opportunities for H13 employees to work on other games in development, both at H13 and across the label. 2K has also assured me that the company believes H13 can deliver a critical and commercial success, and we will begin developing future projects soon.

Volt, which was first reported by Bloomberg, has been in development since 2017 and has gone through multiple iterations. Planned to have a 3-player co-op, one piece of tech that would have made the game unique would have been the ability for enemies to fuse into more challenging foes.

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