Saints Row 5 Might Be Revealed Soon

Saints Row 5

Not a challenging competitor for Grand Theft Auto, but Saints Row series has always been a fun and insane open-world game that gives its players enough freedom to do creative crazy actions and have fun with activities that are somehow unique to the franchise’s bloodline. The latest entry in the series was Saints Row IV […]

Saints Row: The Third Receives New Trailer For Switch Release

Saints Row The Third New Switch Trailer

For those Switch owners hoping for a Grand Theft Auto style gameplay title on their portable console, publisher Deep Silver has their solution with Saints Row: The Third climbing on board the Switch library. While not GTA, Saints Row offers up similar gameplay with a more zesty and over-the-top features loaded into the open-world crime […]

Saints Row: The Third Receives New Trailer for Switch Version

Saints Row: The Third

Nintendo Switch has been released in 2016 but the console has never had the chance to get a great open-world game set in modern era like Grand Theft Auto V or even the previous titles of the series, but it doesn’t mean Switch owners will never get their hands on any game same as GTA […]