Saints Row 5

Saints Row 5 Might Be Revealed Soon

Not a challenging competitor for Grand Theft Auto, but Saints Row series has always been a fun and insane open-world game that gives its players enough freedom to do creative crazy actions and have fun with activities that are somehow unique to the franchise’s bloodline. The latest entry in the series was Saints Row IV that hit the current and previous-gen consoles back in 2013, while the latest content of the game was released in 2015 as Gat Out of Hell DLC. However, Deep Silver is teasing some new announcement about the series that might refer to Saints Row 5.

According to a tweet by Deep Silver, fans of the Saints Row series better subscribe to the game’s youtube channel, if they don’t want to miss exciting things ahead for the franchise. So, the first clue is that we are going to get a new trailer about Saints Row series, and regarding the release of The Third for Switch most recently, it couldn’t be related to that game. Putting all these possibilities together hints us to the reveal of Saints Row 5 in the luckiest way. Further more, launch of the latest title of the series in ending days of previous generation, makes the rumor stronger for the announcement of Saints Row 5 as we get closer to the end of current-gen consoles.

While no specific leak and official confirmation is available, we just have to wait and see what is the Deep Silver and Volition’s surprise for us, which is definitely related to Saints Row series.

We will update you on the article as soon as we get new details. Follow Gaming Instincts on Twitter to get latest news about upcoming titles.

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