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Saints Row
Saints Row

Saints Row Reboot Teased By Geoff Keighley

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Gamescom is just around the corner with only a few days left to go and like every gaming event in existence Geoff Keighley will be hosting its opening night. According to his tweet about the event, he will be showcasing 30+ games in a 2-hour long show. While we do not know the full extent of what will be shown, but it does appear one game will be the upcoming Saints Row game.

One of the multiple tweets he posted has something else interesting about it, mainly a small video that was posted on another tweet by him. The video is of a wall with graffiti written on it. The graffiti says the word Rebooting with a fleur-de-lis next to the R. Of course anybody familiar with the Saints Row franchise should recognize the fleur-de-lis (French for a lily) as the symbol of the gang. He also says the announcements are “Bossing” it in case it wasn’t clear.

It was announced a year or two ago that the Saints Row franchise would be getting a reboot. While it is unclear exactly HOW this will work, the running rumor had been they would be ignoring some of the Insanely over-the-top stuff being retconned out.

As has been suggested the narrative will follow Saints Row: The Third with the previously playable character having turned the saints into a soul-less megacorp. The events after The Third now becoming a TV show produced by this corporation as a form of retconning. The suggestion is you will play a new character with the old Boss serving as the villain. Of course, hardcore fans of the series will remember that Saints Row 2 kinda set in motion all these events that linked the franchise to Volition‘s other series Red Faction, which is set on Mars.

Of course, all of that is just the rumor that has been going around and cannot really be confirmed. Personally, I loved Saints Row 2 so I would welcome a return to that style. At E3 it sounded like the Saints Row reboot might be far away from any announcement, glad to see that is not the case.

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