Void Bastards Will Get New DLC Soon

Void Bastards Will Get New DLC Soon After Void Bastards’ release in May, the game will soon have more content for players to explore its space, roguelike world. It would seem that Challenge modes will be the point of the upcoming DLC. The Workplace Challenges DLC will add enw challenges which include stealthing through enemies, […]

Void Bastards Will Launch on May 29

Void Bastards

Former developers of Bioshock (Ken Levine not included) are going to release their new project after two weeks and as you may guess it’s Void Bastards. The cartoonish-style space-themed first-person shooter will make its way through Xbox One and PC on May 29. According to the latest trailer that uploaded on YouTube by Blue Manchu, […]

X018: Everything Else Announced


X018: Everything Else Announced This year Inside Xbox: X018 Live was probably the biggest episode of Inside Xbox ever made, more than 10,000 fans joined the Xbox community at the fourth-annual Xbox FanFest: Mexico City. Executives like Phil Spencer were close to the public and made announcements and unveiled many surprises, in anticipation of an […]