Void Bastards Will Get New DLC Soon

Void Bastards Will Get New DLC Soon

After Void Bastards’ release in May, the game will soon have more content for players to explore its space, roguelike world.

It would seem that Challenge modes will be the point of the upcoming DLC. The Workplace Challenges DLC will add enw challenges which include stealthing through enemies, relying on amped up skill to take over ship systems, and controlling a fast and hard to find control client.

Blue Manchu is also working on some new weapons to cook things up. They say that, “We are also working on DLC with an entirely new organization, complete with a new opponent, new ships and never before seen rewards!”

All future DLC for Void Bastards will be free for all players.

For more information about Void Bastards, check out our report on the game’s launch here.

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