Void Bastards

Void Bastards Will Launch on May 29

Former developers of Bioshock (Ken Levine not included) are going to release their new project after two weeks and as you may guess it’s Void Bastards. The cartoonish-style space-themed first-person shooter will make its way through Xbox One and PC on May 29.

According to the latest trailer that uploaded on YouTube by Blue Manchu, Void Bastards will take to a bloody and crazy battle against bastards (I think) with unique graphical style that seems to be interesting. Aside from revealing the launch day, the trailer also showcases some new footage of gameplay to hype you for insane combats of the game. Here you can check out the release date trailer for the game:

Xbox One owners will be able to play Void Bastards through their Xbox Game Pass subscription, while PC gamers will have access to the game from both Steam and Humble Bumble stores.

Void Bastards firstly announced at X018 and as its from some former Irrational Games employees, we can expect to experience an engaging story that fits into the game’s atmosphere.

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