The Last of Us Part 2 to be Naughty Dog’s Most Ambitious Game, Says Its Actor

The Last of Us Part 2

Currently, there are three AAA main-line titles under-development to be launched exclusively on PlayStation 4. Death Stranding, Ghost of Tsushima and The Last of Us Part 2 all have been confirmed to be PS4-exclusives, but up until now, we just know the release date for Death Stranding which will be coming on November 8. However, […]

Rumor: New Leak Suggests Last of Us 2 Will Release May 2020; New Naughty Dog IP


A new leak has surfaced over the waves of 4chan which suggests yet another supposed release date for the highly anticipated Naughty Dog title, The Last of Us Part 2. This latest leak comes from an anonymous source (not surprisingly) claiming to know someone working with Naughty Dog. The leak goes on to suggest that […]