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Ellie form the upcoming Last of Us Part II
Ellie form the upcoming Last of Us Part II

The Last of Us Part II: New Information Arriving Later This Month

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Naughty Dog’s upcoming sequel, The Last of Us Part II, is perhaps the most anticipated title adoring fans have been waiting for over the last couple of years. While we’ve seen some exciting reveal trailer, cinematic scenes and even some intense gameplay – Sony fans have still been eagerly awaiting an official release date for the game.

While there have been literally tons of rumors and speculation as to when one might see the next survival action-adventure title for the PlayStation brand, there’s yet to be any confirmation from the studio itself. However, a recent announcement has revealed that a new media event focused solely on the upcoming sequel will take place later this month on September 24.

The announcement of the Sony held event was shared via Geoff Keighley – the host and creator of annual Video Game Awards. You can view the invitation from Twitter below:

While there’s no other details on what this event will contain, it’s easy to speculate that we will finally see a release date. As we’ve already seen the official reveal, extensive gameplay demonstration and pretty much everything else on the game other than the release date – it’s not too far-fetched to assume the launch date reveal is next in line.

Previous rumors surrounding the the game and it’s highly anticipated release have pointed towards dates such as anywhere between February 2020 all the through holiday of next year. With such an expansive window of probability, it’s likely the launch will come sometime in between then, but what’s really skeptical is if the game will also launch on the next-gen PlayStation console.

Regardless, it’s been an awfully long wait for fans of the series to get their hands on the stellar looking title from Naughty Dog. The original title set fans in a whirlwind of emotions back in 2012 on the PS3, but so far the current gen of PS4 consoles has yet to see a return of the series. We’ve gone an entire console generation without a new release in the series, so here’s to hoping we’ll get our hands on the sequel sooner rather than much later.

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