The Division 2 Final Verdict – A New Best-In-Genre?

The Division 2

Tom Clancy’s the Division 2 has been a breath of fresh air. As a gamer, the past year or two has been filled with promises of ‘vast open worlds’ and mountains of ‘content’ to chew our way through. Most of those promises have been empty, hampered by extensive ‘road maps’ or year-long plans. The Division […]

The Division 2’s Story: Everything We Know So Far

Whats Going on in the Story of the Division 2?

In the Division 2, the story will be moving from snowy New York City to a blasted, post-disaster Washington D.C. It’s the home of American politics and arguably one of the most important cities in all of the USA, and that’s where you’re taking the fight. You, and all other Division agents have been called to save the city from falling to the enemy. Today, we’ll be taking a look at the story of the Division 2 and what you can expect when the game launches March 15th.

Top 10 Games We Want To See Battle Royale In

Master Chief and Ellie for Battle Royale

Top 10 Games We Want To See Battle Royale In Battle Royale games are the new craze. It’s a hunger game style deathmatch where 100 people are dropped into a map and must fight it out until there is only one. Awesome idea, right? Almost so good and simple I almost can’t believe it took […]

Massive Online Games

Massive Online Games The PS3 and Xbox 360 era was the first real push into online gaming and services. It was the testing grounds for online gaming and downloadable games. New features were introduced such as cloud saving, online matches, party chat, downloadable content, patches, achievements/trophies, and the first inklings of social media interactions. The […]

The Division Survival Expansion Coming Tomorrow on Xbox One/PC

The Division Survival Expansion Coming Tomorrow on Xbox One/PC As New York is hit by a devastating snowstorm, The Division agents receive intel about some powerful anti-virals left behind in the Dark Zone, that could help stem the spread of the pandemic. But before they manage to reach their destination, the agents’ chopper is taken […]