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Master Chief and Ellie for Battle Royale
Master Chief and Ellie for Battle Royale

Top 10 Games We Want To See Battle Royale In

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Top 10 Games We Want To See Battle Royale In

Battle Royale games are the new craze. It’s a hunger game style deathmatch where 100 people
are dropped into a map and must fight it out until there is only one. Awesome idea, right? Almost so
good and simple I almost can’t believe it took so long for someone to do it, and by someone, I mean
literally one guy, kudos man. It would seem to be such an easy transition for many games to make.
Instead of taking a 10-year dev. cycle, creating NPC’s and storylines nobody will pay attention to, just
give us a huge map, a hundred player limit and let us go at it.

Wait, I feel like somebody may have done this already. So, whether you consider it a trend that will die out, or new formidable genre in gaming, these are the 10 games we would love to see with a Battle Royale mode.

#10 Shadow of the Tomb Raider

With the impending release of Shadow of the Tomb Raider, a lot must be considered. Not only
the current state of single player games and gamers reluctance to jump into them, but with the botched
release of the last of the last entry to the series, due to its timed exclusivity deal with Microsoft, Tomb
Raider could really use a much-deserved shot in the arm. Seeing as though Battle Royale is often
described as a hunger games clone, I don’t see another franchise that could mimic the setting in said
movies, then Tomb Raider.

The first game in the reboot of the series includes a small island, with a
dense forest, crafting, archery, you even have an awesome female protagonist to lead the charge. I love
Tomb Raider’s campaigns as much as the next guy, but some people may need a little more incentive to
get in and see what an amazing game series it truly has become.

#9 – Splatoon

Now, this is an interesting one and unless they could make 100 easily distinguishable colors,
virtually impossible. While I don’t think every man for themselves 100 person game could be
possible, I do see a potential for a 50 v 50 or 25 X 4 mode to be implemented. Splatoon implementing this
one would be more of a reach and most definitely will not going to happen, but I still think it could be
fun if it did and would be without question the most unique shooter to give it a try.

#8 – Ghost Recon: Wildlands

Now talk about a seamless transition. Playing through Ghost Recon: Wildlands it’s hard not to
notice how great, a Battle Royale mode would fit. It’s a 3rd-person military shooter, that switches to the first
person when aiming akin to how many PUBG players play. This is what I believe to be the ideals
perspective, giving the player a little more special awareness while traversing, and a more focus
perspective when aiming. Of course, these can be changed around at each players leisure but the fact
that this is default weirdly spoke to me.

It also has a great weapon and vehicle variety with a huge map to
accompany it. Like really huge, okay the map is probably too huge, but they could always create a
smaller one or segment of random parts of it for each match. While the shooting is more than adequate
in Wildlands, player movement and driving could be a little better. Especially considering how high
PUBG set the bar in terms of technical prowess. I really don’t think anybody would’ve played if it wasn’t
so smooth….

#7 – Far Cry

Far Cry is a unique one. Not really too much for the gameplay, as most of the aforementioned
reasons apply to it. Just think, all the thing I said about Wildlands’s minus the third person, crappy cars,
and plus a cool crafting system.

Fighting Eden's Gate in Far Cry 5 with Boomer

The main reason I would want to see a Far Cry Battle Royale mode is for
the setting. Far Cry’s locations or maps would stray from the norm more than the others. I can almost
picture what the maps would look for every other game on the list, but Far Cry cannot be pigeonholed in
this sense. They may take on the same shape as previous entries have, but I can’t rest assured that its
content would never repeat. I’d almost be more excited to see what Far Cry would do with it a
permanent mode in the series, as the I could count on different places, setting different moods in

#6 – Fox Engine

Yes, that’s right, Fox Engine. I don’t care if it’s a Metal Gear 5 spinoff, a survival add-on or in the
new Pro Evo, okay maybe not the Pro Evo but still, you get the point. What wildlands lacks in terms of
gameplay Phantom Pain and even Ground Zeros or Survive more than makes up for. They could even
slap the mode onto Peace Walker HD, considering MGS 5’s gameplay was really just an HD version of it,
and I’d be fine.

I can’t even imagine the kinds of things that could be done considering the sandbox
nature of these games. Although there is debate as to how Metal Gear, Kojima’s latest release was,
there should be no debate that it is the best gameplay, not only of the series, but maybe the best I’ve
ever experienced. Excuse the hyperbole, it’s just how I feel.

#5 – The Division 2

The Division’s tactical nature and covered base shooting while, definitely aiding a hypothetical
Battle Royale mode, would not be the main reason it would work so well. The main reason why it may
be the best candidate is for the setting. The Division portrayal of Manhattan, even in its post-apocalyptic
state, it gives me the most authentic feeling New York City I’ve ever experienced in a game before. I’ve
traveled back and forth to the city as a baby, and nothing would be as cool as turning into a Battle
Royale playground. Its apocalyptic setting would fit just as well if not better than it does for its, already
successful survival mode.

They would have to maybe segment off parts off the map as like many other games on the list, is far too big currently. But with the 47 patches they’ve finally fixed the invisible bullet problem, they could almost just extend the dark zone to a bigger area. Losing loot would become less
consequential, and accidentally going rogue wouldn’t be an issue either. The Division, tight, tactical
gameplay, and an amazing worthy contender for the mode that is taking over the world.

#4 – Battlefield 5

Wide Open Fields, Great gameplay, cars, planes, classes, what more can I Say?

#3 – Red Dead Redemption 2

Now I don’t know what you would be dropping out of at the beginning of each match, but I can
confidently say that once your down there, chaos would ensue. The number of variations in a Rockstar
game makes this choice an extremely vague one. I don’t know what system would have to be included to
make it work, but with its gunplay and horseback riding alone, they have a great foundation.

Cowboys from Red Dead Redemption 2

We’ve already seen Rockstar test the waters with Motor Wars but is more vehicle-centric and takes the
emphasis away from gunplay, it’s basically like PUBG on a console. If Rockstar trimmed the necessary fat, I
could see an innumerous amount of different game modes being played within the Battle Royale mode itself. Just think how cool a 50 v. 50, Pilgrim vs Native match would be, with Rockstar Gameplay?! I’m salivating.

#2 – Last of Us Part II

The last of us may have to perfect tone for a Battle Royale game. If Fortnite is the light-hearted
bro and PUBG is the trolling bro, then the Last of Us intricate yet mysterious, still waters run deep kind
of bro. You know the bro that makes you feel like a horrible person every time you show a sign of
happiness because all he’s known is suffering, pain, and agony his entire existence, yeah, that brother.

Those high intense moments you have in Fortnite, where you trying to revive a partner while the
footsteps of the final member on the opposing team act a ticking time bomb before you catch a glimpse
of each other and proceed to pop off. That kind of moment in The Last of Us Part II, would carry so much more
weight and the game just has a way to evoke these kinds of emotions. The crafting systems in this game
would also make it a blast and for more intense moments where immediate priorities change on the fly.

#1 – Halo 6

If any game could save an entire platform it would be Halo, hell it’s basically the reason the OG
Xbox became a must own console in the first place, as Microsoft’s first true system seller. So,
considering how this generation has gone for them so far, this may be the franchise that could benefit
the most from changing its formula up a bit. The wide range of weapons, maps but especially the
vehicles, would make it more of a seamless transition as opposed to other games on the list.

Not to mention it’s still one the tightest shooters in all of gaming, improving mechanically with each release.
Xbox and Halo fans alike would not only welcome a change of some sort but at this point, could simply
use one, much more so.

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