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New Expansion for Tom Clancy’s The Division

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New Expansion for Tom Clancy’s The Division

For those who are still battling it out in New York against the Cleaners, there is going to be some new content hitting Tom Clancy’s The Division versy soon. At the Microsoft E3 media briefing, Ubisoft presented a brand new trailer showing off a glimpses into the Underground Expansion. From what the trailer implies this new campaign involves the Cleaners trying to take back their turf from the resistance. This is something that The Division sorely needs, as it did not really launch a lot of content. The trailer does not really convey whether or not other pockets of the desolate New York like the original game’s teaser implied, but did not deliver upon launch. Hopefully, this new expansion can deliver what was lacking content-wise in the day-one package.

Tom Clancy’s The Division: Underground Expansion will launch this June 28 on Xbox One.

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