Starbreeze Studios’ Future Currently In Financial Concern

Starbreeze Studios Uncertain Future

After a quarterly financial report from Starbreeze Studios, it appears that the game developer doesn’t have high hopes for the future if things continue the way they have been. After a flurry of negative financial moves, including the dead on arrival state of Overkill’s The Walking Dead and the abandonment of the company’s CEO, things […]

System Shock 3 Receives ‘Shocking’ Teaser Trailer At GDC

System Shock 3 Teaser Trailer Released

While many fans of the iconic System Shock series are eagerly awaiting the reboot of the game from Nightdive Studios, another release appears to be on its way in the System Shock universe as developers OtherSide Entertainment unleashed a new teaser trailer for their upcoming sequel, System Shock 3. During the Unity showcase at GDC, […]

Otherside Entertainment Acquires System Shock 3’s Publishing Rights

Otherside Entertainment

Otherside Entertainment Acquires System Shock 3’s Publishing Rights Starbreeze won’t be publishing System Shock 3 anymore as System Shock 3’s developer Otherside Entertainment has bought the publishing rights from Starbreeze who acquired the rights back in 2017. Otherside Entetainment shared this message on Twitter: “We have very much enjoyed working with Starbreeze on System Shock […]

Warren Spector Now At Otherside Entertainment

Warren Spector Now At Otherside Entertainment Otherside Entertainment, the development studio behind Underworld Ascendant, has announced that veteran game designer Warren Spector will now be working at this studio. The company stated that Spector will be assuming a creative role in Underworld Ascendant. It is great news to see him returning to some of his […]