Sonic Team Gearing Up for 30 Year Anniversary, 2021 “Next Big Year”

Sonic Team 2021 Next Big Year

After the release of Sonic Mania in 2017, the franchise finally saw a bit of a turnaround following countless years of flawed and under-performing releases in the series. Following the jaw-dropping return to form in Mania, Sonic Forces released to sub-par reviews, however, that didn’t stop fans from seeing 2017 as a monumental year for […]

10 More Titles Announced For Sega Master System/ Genesis Mini

Sega Mini 10 More Titles Announced

Last month, Sega revealed their upcoming mini console for the Sega Genesis/Master System set to arrive later this year. With the announcement, they also revealed the first 10 (of 40) titles to be included on the system. Their most recent announcement gives fans the second batch of titles honing in on the first half of […]

Mobile Service SEGA Forever is Giving Free Classic Games

SEGA Forever

Mobile Service SEGA Forever is Giving Free Classic Games It was announced by SEGA, that they are giving their classic games library, from the Master System to the Dreamcast, a new home with Sega Forever,¬†a mobile service for iOS and Android that makes almost¬†every Sega game available for free. Check out the launch trailer of […]