Sonic The Hedgehog New Details Surface

Sonic Team Announced New Sonic The Hedgehog Game Development Started, New Details On Team Sonic Racing Released

For fans of the ‘Blue Blur’ looking forward to hoping into the latest racing spin-off, Team Sonic Racing, it seems there’s more news to be excited about. At their SXSW 2019 panel, the head of development Takashi Iizuka revealed that the next major installment of the series currently under development.

There’s no other news regarding the next Sonic the Hedgehog release, so many fans may be wondering which direction they’ll go. While Sonic Mania developers have opened up their new studio Evening Star and will likely continue on the success of Mania and Mania Plus, Sonic Team has their work cut out for them as their particular iterations have not been received with nearly as much praise.

However, just because the developers of Sonic Mania saw plenty of critical success with the 16 bit reboot doesn’t necessarily mean their next installment will be Sonic related. The front-page description depicts we could be in store for something truly exciting from the newly formed studio.

For Evening Star, being a “boutique” game studio has a specific meaning. Every member pursues a goal to make their own great games. By encouraging strong technical foundations in every discipline, members are given a voice and latitude to impact games in unique ways. By reinvigorating gaming history’s more cunning techniques, the team boldly explores directions long since left behind. With that driving approach, and a proprietary engine and tool set, Evening Star has developed an innovative workflow which minimizes the barriers between ideas and execution.

While no one knows what’s in store for the long-running speedy platformer series, we did learn a bit more about the upcoming racing game. More details about Team Sonic Racing’s customization have been revealed with a new ‘Customization’ trailer.

Check out the new Customization trailer below:

The game will allow players to unlock new parts that will change the way their racing machine performs and handles. Alternate paint jobs, new parts, powerups, skins and plenty of other mods will be available to the player to help make this a much more personalized racing game.

Stay tuned for more on the next release of the Sonic the Hedgehog series once more details are revealed. Team Sonic Racing is set to release on May 21, 2019 for the Xbox One, PS4, Switch and PC.

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