Sonic Team 2021 Next Big Year

Sonic Team Gearing Up for 30 Year Anniversary, 2021 “Next Big Year”

After the release of Sonic Mania in 2017, the franchise finally saw a bit of a turnaround following countless years of flawed and under-performing releases in the series. Following the jaw-dropping return to form in Mania, Sonic Forces released to sub-par reviews, however, that didn’t stop fans from seeing 2017 as a monumental year for the Sonic brand.

Fast-forward a bit to this year’s South by Southwest, and the head of the studio behind the hedgehog (Sonic Team), Takashi Iizuka, is continuing to look forward for the series. Iizuka mentioned that they are currently working on the next mainline Sonic entry, leaving fans hopeful for another turnaround for the speedy hedgehog.

During last week’s E3 event, Iizuka was asked by Game Informer about the rising success of the franchise in 2017 and Iizuka responds, “2017 was a big year for Sonic,” Iizuka says. “The next big year for Sonic is 2021. That’s the 30-year anniversary for Sonic. We are now preparing.”

For those big sonic fans still lingering about, it seems 2021 will be your year. While we’ll no doubt we see a new mainline entry in the series to help Sonic Team celebrate the 30 year anniversary, hopefully more content in the form of the incredibly successful Sonic Mania will make itself present, as well.

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Source: Game Informer

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