Team Sonic Racing: Big The Cat, Chao And Amy Joins the Race

Team Sonic Racing

Team Sonic Racing: Big The Cat, Chao And Amy Joins the Race During a live stream event in Tokyo in celebration of Sonic the Hedgehog’s birthday, SEGA revealed three new racers for the upcoming title, Team Sonic Racing. These characters are Big the Cat, Chao and Amy Rose. The previously revealed racers include Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, […]

Codex of Victory Now Available on PC

Codex of Victory Now Available on PC 1C announced that Codex of Victory has been released today. This sci-fi turn-based strategy with real-time base building elements is now available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS via Steam and other digital stores. Ino-Co Plus, the developer of Codex of Victory, has mustered all of its experience […]

Machines at War 3 V2.1 Released on iOS

Machines at War 3 Released on iOS Isotope 244 announced that Machines at War 3 v2.1 is released for iOS.  The updated includes new features, new units, and support for the latest devices. The V2.1 Update Includes: Bug fixes and unit spec balancing, new infantry flamethrower units and indicators for patrol waypoints refinement. Check this […]

HeroWarz Launches Their New Hero, Ramirez!

HeroWarz Launches Their  New Hero, Ramirez! A leading developer and publisher of popular free-to-play action MMORPG Elsword, announced today its fast-paced action RPG, HeroWarz has launched the volatile, tactical nuke, Ramirez!. Ramirez is a brutal, in-your-face character that caters to those who love the interceptor-style, crowd-control melee brawler. Check Ramirez trailer down below: “Christian Ramirez […]

Windjammers Coming to PS4 and PS Vita

Windjammers Coming to PlayStation 4 and PS Vita Sony announced at PlayStation Experience 2016 today that the Neo Geo classic flying disc game Windjammers is coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, it will support online multiplayer. First released in 1994 Windjammers is a fast paced sports arcade game released by Data East on the […]

Hunger Dungeon Coming to Steam on December 6th

Hunger Dungeon Coming to Steam on December 6th Developer PQube is pleased to announce that Hunger Dungeon, will be releasing on Steam on December 6, 2016. The game will be free-to-play and premium. Premium players will have access to additional characters and skins. Hunger Dungeon is a round-based Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game for up […]

Afterpulse Soft Launches on Google Play

Afterpulse Soft Launches on Google Play GAMEVIL recently announced that acclaimed mobile shooter Afterpulse has now soft launched on Google Play in select countries. Afterpulse is now available in Australia, Canada, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, Turkey and Vietnam. Although, the soft launch version on Google Play is slightly […]

Gear.Club Available Now for Android Devices

Gear.Club Available Now for Android Devices The popular mobile racing game Gear.Club from Eden Games is now available on Android through the Google Play store. Following its success on the iOS platform, which saw the Gear.Club race to over 1,000,000 downloads in just 5 days, French studio Eden Games releases its latest racing creation on Android devices. […]

Hired Ops Enters Early Access

Hired Ops Enters Early Access It was announced today by developer AbsolutSoft the start of Early Acess for its online game Hired Ops, Its an online shooter dedicated to fierce conflicts between rival mercenary groups battling on a global scale. Players can fight with other Soldiers of Fortune immediately after downloading and installing the game […]

The Psycho Pigs Are Back Exclusively on 3DS

The Psycho Pigs Are Back Exclusively on 3ds 20 years have pass since their last battle the Psycho Pigs, and now exclusively for Nintendo 3DS Clarice Games and developer  Mechanic Arms made a remake of the classic bombing action game. Players must blast their enemies out of the arena. Featuring special items and power ups […]