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The Psycho Pigs Are Back Exclusively on 3DS

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The Psycho Pigs Are Back Exclusively on 3ds

20 years have pass since their last battle the Psycho Pigs, and now exclusively for Nintendo 3DS Clarice Games and developer  Mechanic Arms made a remake of the classic bombing action game.

Players must blast their enemies out of the arena. Featuring special items and power ups like monster suit brings a new bombing experience, items can also be used to costumize player’s pig, also features 2 player cooperative endless mode and up to 4 multiplayer rather be online or offline.

Pshyco Pigs was originally released as “Butasan” in Japan arcade by Jaleco in 1987, with other ports of the game featuring on various game consoles of the time.

Check Psycho Pigs trailer down below:


With more modes than ever, local and online play as well as a myriad of collectibles and customizations – lets all get ready to go ham!

Genre : Multiplayer bombing action
Platform : Nintendo 3ds eShop (download only)
SRP: $7.99″

For more information about Psycho Pigs check its official website.

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