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Hired Ops Enters Early Access

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Hired Ops Enters Early Access

It was announced today by developer AbsolutSoft the start of Early Acess for its online game Hired Ops, Its an online shooter dedicated to fierce conflicts between rival mercenary groups battling on a global scale. Players can fight with other Soldiers of Fortune immediately after downloading and installing the game from Steam, then register at www.hiredops.com for the bonus program that unlocks additional in-game items.

Check Hired Ops trailer down below:


“Dangerous flashpoint missions – Engage in lightning-fast assaults of fortified areas, search and destroy missions against VIP operators, stealthy night ops using night vision devices and thermal imaging sights, and the total neutralization of the enemy forces in “Elimination” mode.
Acquire unique skills – A multipath skill tree allows players to fine-tune their character to suit their play-style, turning operators either into a noiseless reconnaissance agent, a ruthless combatant or something in-between.
Character customization system – Change your character’s appearance, from general physical features to camo sets. Camouflage is not just decorative, but can be an important factor in mission success.Players are also free to add other visually distinguishing features to help their characters visually stand out among other mercs.
An extensive and customizable arsenal – Over a hundred designs based on modern small arms and more than 80 different modifications for them are available to players.
The true spirit of the merc – Every player picks their contracts, carries out the hardest tasks and increases their reputation in the market of PMCs! It is entirely up to the player on how much they will earn, what their future contracts will be and where will they rank among their friends and foes.
A global-scale battle – Battle through a Russian emergency satellite facility, an Arctic research station, an abandoned desert village, an office complex, a railway station and many other locations on a worldwide battlefield.
Advanced tactical capabilities – Realistic combat tactics, including recoil control, peeking out,combined scopes, laser designators and flashlights, calls for support, use of specialized ammunition and devices are all going to contribute to your success or failure as a PMC operator.
Competitive Hardcore mode – It doesn’t get any more realistic than this …combatants suffer persistent wounds, contusions and other injuries that affect gameplay and combat capability.
Personalized PMC (private military company) – Players will be able to build bases for upgrading special clan skills and extra clan-based contracts. PMC’s will also have access to unique weapons, modules and camouflages as rewards.”

For more information about Hired Ops check its official website.

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